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Why Epik welcomed

By November 3, 2018 April 5th, 2020 389 Comments

The domain has landed at Epik.

This post will summarize why Epik welcomed It will also address why I believe the operators of the site have the right to be online.

De-Platforming is Digital Censorship. Blacklisting is Digital Shunning.

“I have always strenuously supported the right of every man to his own opinion, however different that opinion might be to mine. He who denies to another this right, makes a slave of himself to his present opinion, because he precludes himself the right of changing it.” – Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

For those not familiar with the case,’s ability to operate was abruptly terminated by Godaddy, among other vendors, who deemed Gab to have violated their terms of service. This de-platforming of Gab generated much discussion in the mainstream technology press. It also prompted a lively discussion in the professional domain name community, including at the popular discussion board NamePros.

As the news broke, and as some elements in the mainstream media rendered their judgement, I embarked on my own search for truth. Along the way, I did have an opportunity to meet with the Founder of Gab, Andrew Torba, an entrepreneur who was willing to swim against the tide for what he believes is right, namely empowering netizens to discuss openly about matters of mutual interest with limited risk of censorship.

Although, I did not take the decision lightly to accept this domain registration, I look forward to partnering with a young, and once brash, CEO who is courageously doing something that looks useful. As I reflect on my own journey as a truth-seeking tech entrepreneur, I have no doubt that Andrew will continue to develop not only as tech entrepreneur but also as a responsible steward — one that can balance bravado with diplomacy and who tempers courage with humility.

A Word on Inalienable Rights

De-platforming a haven of free speech is not about left or right. Anyone who remembers studying civics is familiar with the concept of inalienable rights — rights that a worthy government can only protect but would have no moral authority to take away. The idea of Natural Law and Inalienable Rights dates back to Ancient Greece, if not before. Tolerance for competing views — including those protected by Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press — is not an American concept even though the Founding Fathers of the United States built a prosperous nation around the concept.

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. – Thomas Jefferson

These days there are many kinds of online content that some people find objectionable. When it comes to publishing content, online or offline, there is an interplay between free will and personal responsibility. Specific to Gab, the decision to not only tolerate but to welcome competing views, does come with a responsibility to take action when free will is exhibited without personal responsibility. This was famously illustrated in the opinion rendered by Supreme Court in Watt vs. United States (1969) where threats of violence was deemed unlawful.

In the case of, there is a duty to monitor and lightly curate, keeping content within the bounds of the law. The duty is perhaps best explained by Uncle Ben of Spiderman fame:

A Republic, if you can keep it.”
– Ben Franklin (1787)

A Word on Decentralization of Ownership

One of the unique features of Gab is their democratic approach to capitalization. For an online media portal with exponential growth, there are variety of potential acquirers and investors that would have a keen interest in providing growth capital, even for a business model that is presently loss-making as is the case with Gab. Rather than go down Sand Hill Road, they have opted to follow in the footsteps of Blockchain by designing a distributed ownership model. And while Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) lost some of their heady momentum, the premise of shared ownership for shared outcomes remains compelling.

In the domain name world, we often talk about domain ownership. The reality is that we are mostly leasing domains from registries, who in turn is often regulated by a regulator ICANN. Recently I have been a vocal advocate for Forever domain registrations whereby a domain is free of ongoing expense. At the moment, this is possible through Epik though there is still more work to do to make this a risk-free industry norm. The danger of not proactively embracing digital sovereignty, in all its forms, is that the digital world will inevitably find a way to achieve it, with or without domain names.

Let Freedom Ring

To the casual observer, the case of seems like it is something new. It is not. It is history repeating itself. While there are consequences to actions, there is also the proverbial risk of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. My hope, for all of our sakes, is that treads wisely, using its liberty for the betterment of most, and the enlightenment of all.

‘Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. – George Santayana (1863-1952)

Robert W. Monster
Founder and CEO

November 3, 2018

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  • BillSmith says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for hosting gab. Gab is the back bone of free speech among the social media networks. It’s work is imperative to sustaining the Constitution, and the freedom and liberties there in. Thank you

    • gary renfield says:

      how do i sign up for gab-epik?

      • Rob Monster says:

        Epik is a registrar, web host, escrow agent and market-maker for domain names. You can register at Epik here. Gab is working to restore service. Now that they have a cooperative registrar, they should get back online in the next day or so.

        • Jeff says:

          Thanks Rob. Freedom of speech should not be controlled by a corporate conspiracy of left wing nut jobs.

        • Jack says:

          Could you please provide a link of how to move from GoDaddy to epik?

        • A.D.Rackley says:

          Robert, you’re six or seven different kinds of all right for your assistance with Gab. Thank you.

          • I’ve known Rob for a number of years, and it is amazing that Gab was taken down for allowing free speech, but it is great that Rob took them in when GoDaddy wanted to censor free speech. Another interesting point is that GoDaddy was founded by Bob Parsons, a guy who himself got a lot of criticism for hunting elephants that were destroying crops and feeding the meat to the villagers. Now his company contributes to the very thing that made them as big as they are now.

          • Tony says:

            I am also now looking at moving all of our business domains from GoDaddy over to Epik. Thank you supporting free speech and standing up to these bullies.

            Now, I just need to find a PayPal replacement….

          • Rob Monster says:

            Well, as for peer to peer payment, I think Gab might be cooking something up there. For anyone familiar with WeChat in China, the leap is not a big one.

        • Another user says:

          I am looking to transfer my domain to you for the the stance you guys took. I am not even on gab, yet, but I pledged to support this country and the constitution when I became a citizen!

        • Jan Averink says:

          Bedankt voor het steunen van GAB zodat mensen de mogelijkheid hebben om vrijuit te spreken zonder censuur door de overheid die onze denkwijze in een bepaalde richting wil dwingen.

        • Riccardo Pusceddu says:

          Thanks Rob for enduring the media smearing and provide with a platform for free speech.

        • Thank you for being a supporter of freedom and liberty. Something that seems to be slowly disappearing in our great country. Freedom is messy and takes a person with conviction to support it in the face of a growing crowd of authoritarians.

        • Rick says:

          Hi Rob
          I appreciate your hosting and have emailed your staff on how to transfer my 76 domains from Godaddy.

          Long Live America!

          • Rob Monster says:

            Bravo and Welcome! The industry can vote with their domains. If they come to Epik, even better!!

        • Julia says:

          I thank you Sir…

        • Martin Jay says:

          Dear Mr Rob Monster, Thank you for your action in defense of free speech by supporting Gab. You are a man of principle and I laud you for it.

          • Rob Monster says:

            This quote comes to mind. “If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.” – Irene Dunne (1945). I find that people who chose not to be governed by principles and values are to readily swayed by media talking points and popular narrative. Yes, at times, free speech will be messy and it needs some reasonable guardrails. However, it beats censorship. However, specific to Gab being de-platformed, this is first and foremost a Due Process issue. The free speech issue, while very important, was secondary. De-platforming without Due Process should be the exception not the rule.

      • BillSmith says:

    • Mary Freybler says:

      Thank you so much for hosting GAB. I will be talking to my husband about changing away from GoDaddy to you guys!

    • misslexi9162 says:

      Thank you Epik!

    • Guts says:

      Thanks for hosting Gab! We can’t let the left big tech censor free speech!

    • Jubei says:

      Freedom to speak our minds & express ourselves should be an inalienable human right. Nobody should have the right to dictate what a person should be able to see or say, nobody. No religious body, no Governmental branch & certainly no cartel of tech providers elected by absolutely nobody should ever assume they possess the right to remove our ability to communicate freely with one another or consume the media we choose. I stand firmly with anyone who fights against censorship because censorship is abhorrent in any form when dealing with consenting adults. If we do not possess the freedom to say what is on our minds or express ourselves freely then what are we? We are surely not citizens but slaves. Thank you for promoting free speech online, especially given the current political climate & I’m sure you’re probably aware this means they’ll come after you next but you will have our continued support in this fight.

      • EffGee says:

        Well said Jubei – salute your declaration of online freedom for humanity – much of the world does not have access to truly free speech but bit by bit it should spread everywhere . thank you

    • Jim Scott says:

      Thanks for supporting free speech.

    • Rupee Gatos says:

      Thank you for having the courage to stand up to the marxist mob and support the right to freedom of speech afforded by the US Constitution.

    • Gabber says:

      Yes. Thank you , Epik. I will be making the change as well to help support you in thanks.

    • Patriotgranny28 says:

      Thank you to Epik for standing up against the Globalists and fighting for free speech for the people and protecting the 1st amendment ❤️

    • The question is not why you are carrying GAB, its obvious. The question s/b why the other servers dropped GAB. Its obvious that some people neither understand Freedom of Speech or pretend to understand…not really. Bc when situations get hot bc someone or someones get in trouble in GAB its not the time to run…it time to listen. Thank you for your trust In the Torba Family.

      • Rob Monster says:

        Most .COM registrars are governed by ICANN. Registrars are not supposed to be judge, jury and executioner. They are a utility provider with a fiduciary duty to protect intellectual property, i.e. domain names. I believe Andrew Torba is listening, growing and adapting to his role and increased visibility as steward of free discourse.

    • Mathew says:

      Thanks for making a courageous and wise call.

    • B9MAN says:

      God Bless the USA as it was originally built and designed.
      Here’s to EPIK.COM !

    • Peter Wood says:

      These days it’s hard to find someone doing the correct/libertarian thing.

      You did it. Thanks.

    • Swede Victor says:

      I agree. Where would we be without Gab and Mr. Torba. On Twatter? No thanks!

    • James Savik says:

      Thank you for hosting Gab. As a geek I know the sort of pressure Google and Twitter can put on you. Google’s motto used to be “Don’t be evil.” Too bad they’ve forsaken it.

    • Gary Hart says:

      Thank you so much for help to get Gab back online for Freedom of Speech. The Gabbers on Gab thank you again and we all love you. Gary

    • Ernest says:

      I am transferring ALL of my domains from GoDaddy – whom I have been with for years – to EPIK!
      Gab is needed as Twitter;Facebook;Youtube et al censor and have been ‘de-platforming’ accounts regularly!
      Yet, they ALLOW FOR ACTUAL HATE SPEECH AND VIOLENT SPEECH TO CONTINUE for those WHO dislike President Trump; Alex Jones and Infowars’ pro-life agenda etc..
      We need freedom to speak and therefore think and communicate with others on the road called the internet which America created!
      Thank you Epik!

    • Clint Ponderosa says:

      Gab taken down for its content! How come YouTube is still active given the most repugnant ”free-speech” on the net. It makes Gab look like a monastery.

    • Joe Frank says:

      I am moving my domains to this censorship free host. Thank you for protecting free speech.

    • TomPloszaj says:

      Rob, Thank You.
      It is always darkest before the dawn.
      I do hope that you along with the rest of us with Gab are able to stand true against this coming war in the attempt to smother Truth.
      Stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness.

    • Richard Kelly says:

      Hitler and Nazis of the 3rd Reich also used the premise of Freedom of Speech and Christianity to spread hatred. We all know how that ended. Not all speech is free, according to Constitutional Law.
      For instance, if you slander someone, they may have legal standing to sue. Remember that “Those who don’t know and learn from history are destined to repeat it.”

    • Joe says:

      Hard to look at Gab sometimes…but I don’t HAVE TO. Most people used to believe that censorship was BAD. Now they are purifying the world to their own tastes. They are creating their own reality and people with opposing views are evil, bad, racist, etc. ALL ideas AND speech is protected. Besides, who should decide what you can see or hear or say besides you? Surrender that right to the government and it’s all over …

  • Anonymous says:

    Much love and respect for hosting Gab. Thank you.

  • Ogden says:

    Thank you! Thank you for welcoming us people! Hooray!


  • Barry Good says:

    I like freedom. You seem to like freedom as well. Very cool.

  • R S says:

    Thank you for standing up for free speech.

  • Gary says:

    Good news – thanks!

  • Byron says:


  • Shen Bapiro says:

    Okay , this is EPIK

  • Sandra Plante says:

    Thank you. What happened to Gab is so wrong on many fronts. Thank you for trusting Gab and we grabbers God bless you

  • J.P. says:

    Thanks a lot! This is very important!

  • Epik High says:

    You’re a good man and I salute you for your courage.
    However, I don’t think you are aware of what you got yourself into here. The left is an international monster unleashed and they will consume anyone who is still reliant on established infrastructure. If you are the reason Gab can stay online on the surface web, they will go after you personally, after your family and after your business. They will harass other companies that you rely on until they drop you. Either they’ll get credit card companies to drop you or they’ll get ICANN to revoke your accreditation. The world we live in and that you just entered is very different from what you are used to. I hate to sound dramatic, but this world in which the battle for freedom of speech is raging, is a dark place and the average normie has no understanding of what forces are at work here.

    All the best to you, sir. May God bless and PROTECT you and your family.

    • Robot says:

      Long live epik!

    • Bob says:

      re: They will harass other companies that you rely on until they drop you.

      Sounds like they’ll use their own right of free speech to criticize Gab in general, and Epik’s choice in particular.

      • Joe says:

        Free speech is not a problem. Nefarious subterfuge is. The appropriate response to Men suck is Men don’t suck. If somebody says purple people are to blame , somebody else can say No they aren’t. Worked this way forever. Problem is the left can never win with ideas because their ideas are nonsensical…so they always revert to force.

  • LibertyFirst says:

    Gab and Epik
    Warriors for Liberty!
    Thank You Torba and Monster families!

  • Epik High says:

    You’re a good man and I salute you for your courage.
    However, I don’t think you are aware of what you got yourself into here. The left is an international monster unleashed and they will consume anyone who is still reliant on established infrastructure. If you are the reason Gab can stay online on the surface web, they will go after you personally, after your family and after your business. They will harass other companies that you rely on until they drop you. Either they’ll get credit card companies to drop you or they’ll get ICANN to revoke your accreditation. The world we live in and that you just entered is very different from what you are used to. I hate to sound dramatic, but this world in which the battle for freedom of speech is raging, is a dark place and the average normie has no understanding of what forces are at work here.

    All the best to you, sir. May God bless and PROTECT you and your family.

    • Zed says:

      Oh honey.
      God does not exist 🙂

      • PRMan says:

        Yes he does. He just healed my friend of Stage IV pancreatic cancer.

        • HowIsRob'From'Seattle? says:

          Sure he did.

          Too bad he killed all the other cancer-sufferers who died, huh?

          • Rob Monster says:

            I think what PRMan is saying here is that he found healing power in prayer. There is a scientific basis for that. You might want to look that one up. Whether that is a placebo effect or not, is certainly debatable. I personally believe that prayer is real — “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” – James 5:16. The context of that verse is actually in regards to overcoming sickness. Also, check out Psalm 103. Just because you doubt it, does not make it not possible.

    • Brately says:

      Even if I can’t state whether or not you are a good man (I don’t know anything about you, fortunately Epik High seems to know you well enough), I do hope a non-fictional being looks after you and your family, Rob. Better yet, I hope you don’t need protection against any parties who disagree with you. Just as every single human being should respect the opinions of those they do not agree with and engage them in debate instead of anger and aggression.

      I also hope your decision indeed furthers debate instead of hate-mongering and division, though judging on some of the comments here I’m not sure that it will. Monitoring and curating will be a tough one if you ask me.

      • Rob Monster says:

        You have the right idea – engaging the debate while curating and flagging. As a long time student of technology trends, I can say with certainty that the alternative to a will be a completely encrypted platform based on Blockchain. For the moment, such applications are cumbersome, e.g. Telegram, but it is certain that technologists are within months if overcoming most of those challenges. I believe it is far better for certain discussions to happen in a public forum than the alternative, and hopefully in a constructive tone.

  • Ban Sharpie says:

    Okay, THIS is epic

  • mike d says:

    Robert W. Monster believes in 1a/freedom. In today’s twisted world, that makes him a hero.

    …god bless you sir.

  • Tom Kirby says:

    Well said!! And truly the American way,the only way!

  • realchain says:

    This is great – I’ll be moving my websites to your platform. Lest I wake up one day and find myself also blacklisted by godaddy

  • Canada says:

    Thank you

  • Jennifer says:

    Thank you! You really are epic. Now hoping I can find Thomas Wictor again.

  • Ellen LAttz says:

    I appreciate the courage and strength of will that this decision required. Do you need any additional moderators? I’m currently looking for a job.

  • Right Smarts says:

    A very fair and classy response. Well done.

  • God’s protection upon you and yours.

  • TCO18 says:

    Thank you! We all deserve a voice.

  • Anonymous says:

    FYI: You, dear Epik, may need to get on the Blockchain yourself. Gab should have done this when went belly up. In order for form a path to free speech, one must make sure that the road starts and ends with no toll booths.

  • Elsa says:

    Thank you!

    • elsa says:

      Switched today and ps, your online guides and support via phone or email is quite incredible. I also saved a bunch of money. THANK YOU!

      • Rob Monster says:

        The domain name industry secret called Epik is now something people know about. Years of doing the right thing when nobody was looking sometimes gets rewarded in strange and unexpected ways. Thank you for choosing Epik.

  • Jude Smyth says:

    What an incredible, well thought out, researched, and reasoned response. To stand for freedom of speech in an age where corruption and evil would destroy it is a stand I HIGHLY respect you for. Freedom of speech is the bastion of all free societies, and the other side knows it.

    Thank you. May the rewards that come your way be far more than monetary.
    A Canuck.

  • MFBlaise says:

    Thank you, sir for your courage and belief in the First Amendment. While Free Speech is not for the faint of heart, it is a necessity in these times especially. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

  • Claude Dupuis says:

    Thank you for empowering Gab to exert their right to free speech! Stand your ground against those who would deplatform them, please. There might be many, but you’re a great hosting provider. You guys are awesome!!!

  • Joey says:

    Thanks for standing by the 1st amendment. I’ll be transferring out of godaddy to you as a result of a rationed and principled stance.

  • LOGIN.CL says:

    My provider has hired some loopy tech people who really need to be taken in hand sometimes so they understand what I’m talking about. Some of them seem to have been born after I registered my own domains! But it can be exasperating when you have 30 years experience and you have to rely on someone who doesn’t know their SMTP from a VPN. I guess that’s why they’re so cheap. I may have just been chatting with Rob himself about changing to EPIK, not sure.

    Geez, I hope I can get enough cash together to change my hosting to you guys. That would not only be awesome but I’d feel really good about it as well.

  • Cirno Trollopoulos says:

    Please stand strong. I feel that MasterCard and PayPal might try to cut you off.

  • TL says:

    Thank you for supporting the vision of free speech that the internet was intended for.

  • Cheri Galvan says:

    Thank you Epik…
    Thank you from America…

  • TheGabberJay says:

    Because of you, thousand more can join a platform unlike Twitter. Giving many a voice. Tho some voices are evil, angry and full of hatred, yet far and few between and does not paint the full majority of what Gab believes or stands for. Liberty is worth living but worth much more to die for so others can continue to live it.

  • Steven Jordan says:

    As a Gab Pro User(since in beta infancy), Multiple Donor, 2 time investor, I thank you for making Speech, free again!

    Gab, Torba, and it’s supporters have been maligned by MSN, Silicon Valley Techs, and the Left as a whole, to silence free speech. With help from you and others, we can make a stand. God knows, they’ve thrown everything at Gab, but We live again!

    Thanks, Wil Wheaton’s Vagina

  • Chad says:

    Bravo. The free exchange of ideas, even if they’re ideas we abhor, must be protected.

  • Alan welsh says:

    We have nothing in the uk…except laws aimed at frieghtening concerned citizens into silence….the europeans need gab to keep breathing..I thank you for giving it back the breath of life….something the leftist nazis have tryed to silence again and again….the truth must be told

    • Jubei says:

      I have always been staunchly left-wing but I am a left-leaning libertarian. The left used be completely opposed to censorship in any form & British liberals led the way in promoting freedom of speech & expression for everyone, regardless of the colour of their skin, their religion or their nationality. It truly saddens me to see how far the left has fallen in upholding these ideals & even worse, how blind people have become regarding the truly insidious nature & motives behind political correctness. It is nothing more than a system of control, one we must oppose at all costs. If we do not possess the right to speak what is on our minds & express ourselves freely then we are no longer citizens but slaves. This is a fight which we simply cannot afford to lose.

      • Rob Monster says:

        The irony is thick. We are getting calls from ACLU members and Woodstock alumni that object to freedom of expression. Their energies would be better directed at engaging the dialog at places like rather than forcing the narrative underground where it does not see the light of day and where there is no public record for intervention and prosecution for law-breaking participants. Liberty comes with responsibility. The folks who run Gab get that which is why they should be allowed to be online to the extent that they are operating within the bounds of their own ToS and the law.

  • Rob Colbert says:

    Thank you for seeing as how it was created. Thank you for seeing past how Gab has been painted by those who do not understand it or, worse, by those who *do* understand it and fear it and what it can accomplish.

  • Linnea says:

    I’ve been on Gab since the beginning and have watched the vitriol that SJWs/self-righteous Leftists/wingnutters have posted over and over, yet Gab has not censored them, unless they violate the TOS – free speech for all is a concept that is taken very seriously on Gab.
    The TOS is very simple, don’t threaten people with physical violence and don’t post anything the is illegal, basically.

    All honor to you for standing up for everyone’s First Amendment rights.

    I do have concerns that, as mentioned above, you might not fully understand the media/internet/business backlash that is coming your way, so please take care.
    May you be well,
    ~Linnea @Wren on Gab

  • John Connors says:

    A sensible and rationale epic voice in a darkening time

    Looks like I have at last found my new Host after looking at all all the rest including ”go-daddy”

    Best Wishes to all

  • Ed Wolford says:

    You’ve done a fine, fine thing. Thank you.

  • Tim says:

    Thank you for standing for freedom, Robert. I hope your company succeeds more than ever before as a result of your courageous decision to work with Gab. I have a couple of domains that I specifically avoided registering with GoDaddy due to its risqué Super Bowl ads, and the next one I register will definitely be with Epik.

    • Rob Monster says:

      Welcome! People love it here:

      Here is a public review — these are normally brutal, not so much for Epik.

      • Sam Peepz says:

        Well done to Epik for hosting Gab.

        The idea that individuals can be held responsible for matters which were outside of their control should offend everyone.

        It is as bad as jailing the bus driver who unknowingly transported the bomber to the location where the evil deed took place. Or jailing the postal worker who unknowingly delivered the cowardly parcel.

        Gab and freespeech is essential for allowing those who would do harm to uncloak themselves and reveal the thought patterns so they can be confronted if met in the real world.

  • John Wagner says:

    Nice image there at the end..

  • Let’s watch EPIK not post this comment because it’s negative lol. EPIK doesn’t give a crap about free speech. It’s a no-name domain company that until today nobody’s ever heard of. It’s simply doing this to generate publicity for itself and make money. Those of you cheering EPIK are freaking idiots. GAB is the home of hateful violent people. The only place Andrew Torbin and GAB should be is living under a rock.

    • Rob Monster says:

      Though you might doubt it, not everyone is motivated by fame or fortune. As it happens, Epik has a pretty happy customer base. And after years of doing the right thing when nobody was looking, a few people noticed. Overnight successes typically involve ample groundwork.

      • When Monster left his previous company he said, “I also plan to devote more time to Christian ministry and philanthropy.” You’re fake Christian and a fraud MONSTER. No company hosts scum like Andrew Torbin. He’s a white supremacist and a bigot, and his site helps foster violence and hatred in America. You’re only doing this because you’re a third-rate domain company looking for publicity. You’re full of crap and clearly, the commenters on this blog post demonstrate that suckers are born every day.

        • MedievalDiva says:

          You obviously have no clue what you’re talking about! The shills and left extremists will say/do anything to shut down free speech. You want to control the narrative and it pisses you off when you aren’t. WE have a right to OUR voices being heard, whether you like it or not. Tough. You can claim anything you want, doesn’t make it true. Who’s Andrew Torbin??? You must be a Paid hack. Yeah, Twitter apologizes for the same person being on their platform and it’s fine. GAB does the right thing and is de-platformed for it. I don’t care if you like what I say, I have a right to say it. Don’t want to hear it?? Don’t listen, don’t come to Gab. You’ll be chewed up and spit out by the true patriots that refuse to be silent, refuse to sit down and will fight till the death (of Leftist speech), if need be. America is now awake. SPOILER: GOD WINS, you lose. Thank God for taking the heat! I hope your business explodes with new customers!

        • Crusty says:

          @ Ralph Cramden.

          I’d have difficulty pointing to your comment as an example of the love of Christ in action.

          • It'sASmallWorld says:

            Uh, I am definitely having a harder time pointing to MedievalDiva as an example of Christ in action…hopefully’s blog will permit me to say so over our internet, but the Christian Diva sounds like she ended up eating Satan and he’s coming out of her uncontrollably. But, that’s what Christianity often sounds like, unfortunately, for the people who hold-tight to it like there’s no other rational assurances.

            There’s a serious issue here: yes…you have a “right” to say it, but there are 1) small children/teens who don’t know anything yet (VERY important, because they are often too young to distinguish reality from fantasy – so translate that to potential violence, or just look at history if you want to save yourself the time translating), 2) we all have to live with each other here in this country or on this planet and your hate-talk isn’t helping this fact! and 3) people have to go to work together every day and BE with each other, look each other in the face over their families and experiences. Do you hate-mongers have any idea how hard you are making this for SO MANY PEOPLE? If you do not know how to live in a country that has welcomed immigrants from all over the world since its inception, then LEAVE IT! YOU are the ones who no longer belong here and never did. All these people that you hate so much are not going anywhere, BY LAW, and you need to learn how to live with it healthily (aka exposing yourself to the children you nurture and who have to DEAL with this in their future).

            People who are trying to censor are not “Left-Wing crazies”, they are people who have grown up with, or as, minorities their entire lives, and have not only been taught how to live together without spewing hate but LOVE each other. Being a US citizen today is understanding that these people can feel afraid, targeted. Being a US citizen these days is dealing with how to live on this planet and this country with as few violent episodes as possible. Face It: there are 250-300 countries on this planet with 5000 religions and 7000 languages left; yours is not THE one. You HAVE to live with these other people, there is JUST Earth. What, you want to take all of this discord and hate up into the stars once we get there? Or do you want to master peace before nuclear space wars happen? And have that be the doctrine that you pass down to our descendants?

            I guess overall I think “how do all these ‘freedom’ lovers not see all this? All of these possible outcomes? Because you don’t have to deal with it personally, that means you don’t think about it, or QUESTION what you say? Your words are going to generate loss for mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters – THEY are the ones who will have to deal with the consequences of your words. NO. You can’t just say whatever you want. There are repercussions, people get hurt, the innocent get hurt. All because you couldn’t manage the fact that they exist in your world. Even if you understand some of the distinctions that I am describing, there are younger people who do not, that act upon less knowledge than you have…there have been 307 mass school shootings in 2018, so far!, and none of the shooters have been people of color. Yet do right-wingers CARE about this???? Where are your words to de-escalate these poor people?

        • I like that it’s okay that twitter hosts cis supremacists, so long as some of them wear the polite face of the movement and merely co-opt out trans women. But white supremacy is where someone without the guts to use their own name draws the line. It’s okay, it’s not like there are massive assigned sex gaps in a wide range of quality of life indicators or anything, such that a debate around the primary messaging strategy of what passes for the left these days might not have massive implications for social justice and human dignity or anything… Nope, the secret to utopia is and always has been to marginalized, deplatform, and kill all the people with bad ideas.


        • Mitchell says:

          If you’re going to take the time to spew garbage on here and try to call other people “freaking idiots”, you may want to do yourself the service of actually knowing the last name of the guy you apparently loathe so much. Just a thought, so you can perhaps fool people into believing that you know what you’re talking about and aren’t merely just one of many reactionary Marxist pro-censorship types looking to justify your rage.

      • Kerry says:

        I hope Epik grows from strength to strength, of course, they want to make money and grow into a formidable company. That is why people go into business. I wish them a wonderful future.

      • Barbara Lawson says:

        Will you have a personal presence on, Rob?
        It’d be an honor.
        God Bless.

        • Rob Monster says:

          In general, I am not a big social media person. From time to time, I will blog at Specific to Gab, I have a user account there now: “Epik”. That account is mainly to be used for oversight over compliance with the posted Terms of Service which I find to be reasonable and enforceable.

    • Steven Jordan says:

      Well Ralph? They posted it. See, even you have a voice. Look at you posting with the rest of us Evil people. It’s folks like you who’ve help silence a Gab for the action of one person who also used Twitter and Facebook with no repercussions. It was Gab who are worked with authorities to help identify the Bad Guy. Didn’t hear Twit or FB doing anything but deleting his account.
      The majority of people on Gab are nothing like that guy, or share his views. You’re doing what democrats and the white left always do, group us all into one category. That’s what you call racism, and we call Free Speech.
      Keep trying, #GabLives

    • MFBlaise says:

      Ralph, it sounds like you could you use a cookie…or maybe a cupcake? They published your comment, and it stands out like a brown suit in a room full of tuxedos. Now why don’t you be a good boy, put on your Spiderman jammies, and go to bed? Don’t forget to floss and brush…there’s a good boy.

    • David says:

      Ralph Cramden, for your surprise!!! your post got posted, why wouldn’t they post such empty thoughts and lack of knowledge.

      Have learned and seen in life that you know people quickly by what they say and think, in 3 lines you have made it clear to all, thanks. not only is known in the industry, some of the top portfolios are at Epik, their 24/7 support is the top in the industry and 1000’s
      of our names are more secure at Epik.
      Never visited GAB, don’t know Andrew Torbin, but I know as the palm of my hand what Epik has done and how for us all this years,
      Thanks Rob and the GREAT support Team, God bless you all.

      • Rob Monster says:

        Thank you David. What was once a secret of the industry insiders has become a subject of public awareness. Glad to be of service fulfilling the intended mandate of registrars — to protect the intellectual property assets of our customers within the boundaries of the law.

    • C.D. Random says:

      Interesting take there. Here is mine. Taking up Gab is a heavy risk, even to the point of being no-platformed themselves, not only damaging Epik, but all of their other subscribers. If they profit from this, it is because they were willing to take a great gamble, not because it looked like easy money.

      Being a home to all does mean you house those you are diametrically opposed to. But silencing those you oppose instead of defeating their rhetoric with yours just allows their rhetoric to continue to exist. Also, as with any right, someone has responsibilities that goes with it. With free speech it is not to become a threat to those that you disagree with. As soon as you become a threat, you open yourself up for retaliation, usually in the form of law enforcement, either civilly or criminally. That is where the line is. Hate speech isn’t speech someone else says, it is speech you personally hate. That means you are the one holding the hate, not necessarily the speaker. Check yourself, and if ever in the future you come across something you don’t like that someone said, prove them wrong instead of trying to shut them up. It might not correct the speaker, but it will sway others that would have otherwise agreed with the speaker, thus stopping bad rhetoric.

    • You are obviously totally alone in your opinions, Ralph. Your hateful, vitriolic rants are precisely that which you disparage. Please remain far away from GAB. We neither desire nor require more trouble makers.

    • Mr. 0 says:

      Ralph, why do you gotta be like that, huh? You sound like you got a baseball bat up your rear or something.

  • Josh says:

    I will be moving my business to Epik!

  • ReverendKen says:

    Still do not have a linky to get back on and still go to Mr Torbas letter.

  • Trish T says:

    Thank you for the continuation of free speech!

  • kateusa says:

    Thank you, epik. I have missed and the ability to speak freely there. I just recently moved site hosting of a website from godaddy, and when my DNS with them expires next year, I will be moving to

    People notice when you go above and beyond what is expected. I wish you much success in the coming years. We need people and companies like yours and Andrew Torba’s to keep the beacon of freedom burning brightly.


  • GalenThurber says:

    GAB is not for “truth seekers” it is for faith-heads and conspiracy theorists.
    GAB is not innocent

  • MedievalDiva says:

    Thank you, It’s important we all know what our responsibilities are before a situation happens. Thank you for having the courage to go against the grain and support the 1st Amendment in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights. That’s what freedom- loving people do, support and defend our Constitution. That’s what Americans do, support freedom, liberty and personal responsibility..and the rule of Law. Thanks for being a voice of reason.

  • Missy Caulk says:

    Thank you, great post!

  • S A says:

    You give me hope for our world.

  • Bob Loblaw says:

    Thank you!!!

  • John says:

    We have 2 domains with Godaddy. I’m going to look into switching on Monday. Thank you Epik for being there for Gab.

  • Hurt Box of Truth says:

    I will be registering my domain with you. thank you for you courage to help support and most importantly supporting freedom of speech and expression.

  • Josh says:

    Great work. Would you also be willing to be the domain registrar for The Daily Stormer? If not, then why should customers trust your commitment to free speech?

    • Rob Monster says:

      I would use the same approach — talk to the owner(s) and gauge their intentions for moderating content and operating within the boundaries of the law. Hopefully we can agree that Freedom of Expression does not absolve someone of Personal Accountability. Gab’s management knows that there is an expectation of governance going forward. Andrew did a good interview here:

  • EllenPeba says:

    God Bless you, epik!! Frogs make wonderful pets ☺ They’re gentle, easy to train, and won’t eat you out of house & home.

    • Rob Monster says:

      As I understand it, as of September, Gab has parted ways with Gabby the frog. There are some who attempted to connect Gabby to “Kek”. Gab rightly distanced themselves from that and now lets Gab stand for itself as a brand.

  • Colonel J says:

    Let’s see the left screech artistically about this like always.

    • Leslie Black says:

      Yes, unfortunately. Others, evil and ugly, decided that if one is a frog, on is—simply by virtue of being green—one of PEPE’s gang. Isn’t that the very definition of “racist”? I miss Gabby. She was adorable, and a victim of nasty group-think fascists. I was sorry when Andrew gave in to them and banished her. I understand, I guess, but if you give an inch…they just keep coming.

  • What is this new-fangled thing you call the interwebs?

  • brainervousystem says:

    hail Epik! hail Rob Monster! hail Gab! hail Torba!
    thank you for your courage & commitment.

  • Heywood Jablome says:

    I wonder what you’re peering and co-lo providers will think?

    • Mitchell says:

      lol, they’re a registrar, not a datacenter, you ignorant fool.

      You’re just using random terms you read somewhere to try and sound intelligent in your vague threat, it’s not working.

  • If I ever need to register a domain, I will go through Epik. Thank you for supporting free speech.

  • J. Scott Biggs says:

    Thank you for hosting Gab. Though it hasn’t been THAT long, it’s been very dry and we very much miss it. It takes a lot of guts to do what you’ve done and don’t think it has gone unnoticed. We all see it and appreciate it. We can monitor as we go about our way on Gab to help Andrew if we can. I’m a firm believer in changing the channel instead of trying to take the station off air. Thanks again and be well.

  • Frater Agiel says:

    Looking forward to resuming posting on Gab.

    Glad to be introduced to your service in such a cool way.

    As of now, you reg my URLs.

  • Theresa Martin says:

    This is Epic!! Thank you for taking a stand and supporting GAB
    Soon GoDaddy will feel their huge mistake in the wallet.
    God bless

  • Douglas says:

    I deeply thank you for hosting Gab, but are you prepared for the inevitable assault that will come? As the usual suspects attempt to drive your other customers away? Are you prepared for the sheer numbers of customers that will bombard you with “These people called me and told me you’re helping Nazis. I’m moving to *insert vendor here*”.

    I’ve come to expect the worst from our digital overlords, and I’m rarely disappointed.

  • When I found out Gab got de-platformed, I was so mad I was shaking! I used to command over 600 domains. I got out of it years ago. But, I still have half a dozen. Look for me. I’ll be moving what I’ve got. Thank you for hosting Gab. You will not regret it. Thank you Gab for not giving in. I’ve never had any trouble with GoDaddy, but, this stunt makes me want to pull the plug. Pull the plug I will. Pardon my French, but I want to send a real clear “Fuck You.” to GoDaddy. I don’t support intolerance and I refuse to support giant tech bullies. I’ll be registering and moving in the next few weeks. Again, the courage of Epik and Gab has not gone unnoticed. As an IT professional for 35 years I can tell you, the TCP sockets are buzzing.

  • CrunchyBacon says:

    Awesome news! Much respect to Epik for supporting the 1st amendment.

  • TamiB says:

    I just want to say, “thank you for giving our Gab family a home.”

  • God bless you, sir, for standing up for free speech and for getting it.

  • John MacGregor says:

    Thank you for supporting free speech.

  • Paul says:

    I’ve never been on GAB; however, I applaud your courage in hosting the site. The assault on free speech that the tech monopolies have launched has gone unchallenged too long.

    As to the idiot who posted that you’re just pimping your brand, I say welcome to the FREE market. Those who want censorship and totalitarian control are welcome to continue supporting the technocratic monopolies. I hope your company becomes a haven to all who support liberty, and you are blessed beyond your widest dreams.

    • Rob Monster says:

      Actually, we are just the domain registrar. Gab is hosting elsewhere though we do offer hosting solutions for those who need them!

  • Dave Dowling says:

    Censor yourself not others is how Censorship it is suppose to work. In an idea World, which this is not. As pointed out by various people on various places Some Nations censor less and or different than others with Laws of controlling and ruling what is said, posted and every painted and carved. For skin can be thin and minds can be small and believe Words are worse than a Nuclear bomb. Look at Pakistan where in the beginning of November 2018, Millions ranted and chanted to kill a Woman who said something. People even blamed a social network site, for words someone else did post there and else where. They as has been pointed out tried to deplatform over words. Yet goo-daddy hosts what looks to be millions of porn sites. They seam to be more concerned what you children may say than if they are being forced to make animal porn at gunpoint. Abuse of position to punish opinion happens in many places.
    No one needs to be Chopped up, as Khashoggi was or deplatformed as was or banned from social media sites for what they say, no matter how much one may disagree with it. . My fingers typed this, which you fingers had nothing at all to do with. I own my vocal cords you dont. These are my eyes not yours. Censor your self, not others. That is what free Speech without the censors and the censorships.

  • Steve says:

    Thank you for hosting I will be moving my domain registrations to Epik now. We need more access to free speech, which is diminishing rather quickly.

  • Oliver Wendell Holmes said that “Nobody has the right to shout Fire in a crowded theatre”. Free speech may have its limits but Gab was also home to 750,000 accounts that had nothing to do with Pittsburgh. Whether one agrees, hate speech is free speech.

  • Leslie Black says:

    Thank you for standing for freedom and for all of us GAB users (and future users) against the blacklisting tide of dangerous NCP programmed non-thinkers. I will be proud to end my relationship with Go-Daddy and move to your company as soon as I can.

    • Rob Monster says:

      Thank you Leslie. We are a utility — we provide a connection to the Internet for .COM domains (among many others) under the terms of a regulated industry. The bigger question that the industry will have to address is whether the registrar-specific Terms of Service override the obligations as an ICANN-accredited registrar. The regulatory framework that governs registrars should provide due process as it does with UDRP for trademark violations. In this case, Godaddy rendered a .COM, managed by Verisign, inoperable. They appear to have done this without due process and on a timing that harmed a business that was operating within the law. I believe the ICANN community will need to carefully review this case to determine what right registrars have to arbitrarily render judgement forcing a business to go offline. If a baker can be forced to bake a cake they don’t want to make, then a registrar can be required to keep content online. The registrars need thoughtful guidelines on what is their sovereign decision, and what is to be adjudicated, by whom, on what timing. In the meantime, all registrars have a fiduciary duty to govern themselves in the spirit of their role as a basic utility to individuals and organizations. In this case, Godaddy took the easy way out. It is interesting that this happened shortly after Bob Parsons (Founder of Godaddy) left the Board on October 3, 2018 and this incident happened on October 27. It remains to be seen whether the largest registrar on the planet has shifted its views on digital sovereignty as the largest backers largely cashed out.

  • Gab did nothing wrong. This whole fiasco was nothing more then liberal big tech trying to crush the competition. Andrew is making history and we are all a part of it. Thank you Rob and Epik for taking a stand. Get ready for big things and a ton of new traffic. God Bless!

  • Thank You for accepting us. Nice to know, and I will look into your services to see if there is also something on the shelf for me.

  • Dub Dublin says:

    Thanks for stepping up for freedom of speech, liberty, and human dignity. Sure, there’s objectionable content on Gab, but as a Gab member and participant, I can say that it is roughly equivalent to any other social media site. Snuffing out speech that one group finds “objectionable” is far more of a threat to society than any speech itself could ever be. One thing’s for sure: many of us will be watching to see who supports Andrew and Gab not just for domain service, but also for other services including hosting, and especially, payment processing, where, AFAIK, there isn’t any acceptable option available. Thanks again for your support. The vast majority of Gab posts are peaceful and constructive – well, except for that flat earth idiot… 😉

  • A Joe says:

    Thank you for Supporting Free Speech, Joining Hands & Ranks on this journey of Freedom !

  • Luke says:

    Thank you so much for being a voice for free speech.

  • Robert Jones says:

    You will, of course, regret your decision to associate yourself with Gab. Perhaps it will be because the non-haters will refuse to do business with you. Perhaps it will be when you unwittingly do something to annoy one of the nazis who call Gab home (they’re not very intelligent, but they are violent). However, I suspect it very will be when the reality of being part of racism, anti-semitism, misogyny, homophobia and a host of other evils hits home. You are now forever associated with the scum of the earth, helping them spread hate. Shame on you.

    • Rob Monster says:

      Two thoughts here:

      1. If anyone sees content that purports to harm another please notify They are monitoring content 24/7. Unfortunately there are more people posting (and planting) than can be reasonably policed in real-time.

      2. As far as I know there are not private forums on the Gab site. Therefore all is in the open. I encourage all to engage on these forums, using logic, data, images, or whatever to counsel where appropriate.

      The solution is not a complete shutdown as that just forces people underground. The solution is dialogue. If there is an imminent threat of violence, notify the appropriate law enforcement agency that is proximate to the threat.

      • Bob says:

        re: Unfortunately there are more people posting (and planting) than can be reasonably policed in real-time.

        That sounds like a failure on their party to do their due diligence.

    • Jay E says:

      “The non-haters”

      God you sound like a Scientologist, why not call them ‘suppressive persons’ and be done with it?

    • FeliciaLee says:

      So in the past, Robert, you have petitioned to remove Facebook, Twitter and YouTube from the Internet since they haven’t kept killers from murder and at times even live-streamed their crimes?

  • Tony Sodari says:

    Thank you for doing the right thing.

  • Rob, I don’t know yet what all this is about, but I think i like it. It was about a year ago I met Rob Monster online here at Epik, and shortly afterward I joined NamePros to learn more about the domain industry. For those who don’t know me, I’m Richard Morris aka Bulloney from Virginia Beach. I was recently booted from NamePros for the third time as a result of exercising my First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech.

    While Rob and I don’t necessarily agree on everything, we are brothers in Jesus Christ. I’m 25% Jewish, and it was my grandfather Ben Goldstein who is the reason I’m the entrepreneur I am today. While I’m still relatively new to the domain industry, Rob has been after me to move more of my domains to Epik. Currently, about a third of my 1,500 domains are here at Epik , a third are at NameCheap and the other third are at Go Daddy. I recently had made a decision to gradually move all my domains to GD for visibility and credibility reasons, but now I’m not so sure? A couple of domains I recently hand registered are; IncredibleJesus™ and IncredibleJew™ in memory of my Grandfather and the Jews who were recently massacred at Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh.

    Having met Rob I was hopping he and Epik would be my technical partner to help take my business to the next level. While I feel pretty confident I’ll succeed, I’m still seeking a technical partner who can help to develop my online presence for DomainGourmet™, and who can help organize my domain portfolio. At 71 years old, this is over over my pay scale. Specifically I’m looking for an entrepreneur not unlike myself who is willing to provide the sweat equity needed to help me to; MakeSomethngHappen™, a domain I’ve owned since September 1, 2001.

    The last think I’ll leave you with is this…I discovered just a few days ago the word “incredible” can be portrayed like this “nCredible” for purposes of the first word in a two word domain. While many of the two word “Premium” domains like “IncredibleGames” and “IncredibleRealty” were already sold, in the last five days I’ve registered 70 new domains using “nCredible” like, nCredibleRealty .com,, nCredibleMedical .com, nCredibleCars .com and nCredibleHomes .com. To discourage me, old time members at NamePros said all the domains I hand register are “crappy” to which I merely laugh and say; Bulloney☺

    Thanks Rob….good luck and God Bless!

  • Kimeragaming says:

    Thank you, thank you thank you.

    I know what is to have nothing, I come from a country in which I had nothing but dirt, now I live in a country that has freedom and I don’t want to see my new found freedom taken away by corporations and social media monopolies.

    Thank you for protecting freedom, thank you for protecting that which is worth protecting.

    A concerned immigrant who loves Freedom of speech and is willing to fight to protect it.

  • Kimeragaming says:

    Thank you for this Epik.

    Thank you for protecting that which is worth protecting, freedom of speech.

    – A concerned immigrant who loves Freedom and will not remain idle while there are some destructive forces trying to destroy what matters to me.

  • Jay E says:

    Thank you

  • Chris says:

    Stay Strong. You do have support. Eventually the smearing from MSM will die down.

  • George says:

    Respect for you and your company and will use your services in the future if needed.

  • simjennkim says:

    Thank you so much Epik for hosting Gab and protecting our rights! My ancestors have been here in the USA since the 1600s and it hurts my heart to see people so quick to stop the rights of others that have already been fought for. Stay strong Epik and thanks once again for truly believing in everyone’s rights.

  • Thank you for hosting Gab. Standing up for freedom isn’t always easy. When my renewal is up, I’ll be looking at Epik.

  • Thank you Rob and Epik
    America is a Constitutional Republic founded on FREEDOM
    By the people for the people
    We love and Andrew’s commitment

  • Rance Arnold says:

    Greatly appreciate that you’re standing with Gab! Nice to be someplace that has someone at the helm that has the courage to back his convictions.

  • Phillip says:

    Never thought free speech would be under attack like it is today. Thank you for doing what is right. Everyone with common sense knows that some terrible person can say something online. Doesn’t mean the platform agrees with it.

  • Thank you, Epik!
    It is absurd that Twitter and Facebook can get away with assassination threats, hatred, crime streaming, and true election meddling, but remain ignored by the SJW internet mobs who chant “de-platform.”
    History will remember the support you gave Gab and the stand you took in the war for internet free speech.

  • jan ort says:

    make speech free again
    Gab love

  • TCO says:

    Thank you for hosting Gab. I will be bringing my company web site you if I can figure out how. I will be recommending you to everyone I know. Mostly I know small business owners.

  • dean hash says:

    Thank you for hosting Gab, I know you’re now under attack from the left and I just wanted to give my support. We will stand behind you and help you fight back if that’s possible;

  • Eric Lavoie says:

    Bravo, now a days this is brave act, but expect the full onslaught of the authoritarian left to attack you for this. This will take the form of activist media, activist social mob.
    Always remember these activist claim to represent the majority, they do not.

  • Violet says:

    Thank You for Supporting us. Don’t give in. We are all in this together.

  • Head Honcho says:

    Thank you Epik for standing up for free speech and resisting the tyrannical tide of de-platforming that has been exhibited in the tech world recently by hosting Gab.

  • João Augusto Luti Bertoncini says:

    The enemies of Gab are burning money trying to keep the main stream media relevant, because all their economic and political plans are so weak that they can only be sustained by constant validation by the press. But the press have no grasp on the public anymore, and the only way to compete with independent sources is killing them.
    Gab is proving that strategy reached the limit. GoDaddy, Azure and Joylent will pay the price for their weakness. Stay strong, Epik and you’ll receive your prize.

  • Lawrence Blair says:

    Thank you for getting GAB back on. I thank you for your courage and I pray to God you survive the decision you have made to do the right thing. Thank you again.

  • Ron Hiel says:

    Thank You for accepting Gab and Gabbers. It’s nice to know, and I will look into your services to see if there is also something on the shelf for me after I see what all you offer.

  • Squishy says:

    Many thanks to Epik for defending freedom! In a world full of cowards, defenders of liberty for all men should always stand tall and be proud.

  • THANKS for supporting free speech an all us Patriots on,,dont let the MSM-try an shut you down,we,ll all help each other,

  • ProsaicProse says:

    The right road isn’t the easy road, so thank you for the integrity and willingness to be Gab’s Registrar! Big Tech Monopolies are making themselves a threat by not only eliminating any competition, but trying to seize control of the minds on the internet to continue where TV, movies, etc left off. Much respect!!

  • Bc1 says:

    Whoooo hoooooo and welcome to Freeeeeedom! Thank you Robert and

    Thank you for giving us a voice again.

    #MakeSpeechFreeForAll #GabberNoLongerInExile

  • Doug says:

    Thank you !! Was planning to get a startup going and use Godaddy.Timing is everything.Godaddy can go fly a kite!I found a better platform.Thanks AGAIN!

  • Deb says:

    Thank you for standing up to the “mob” and being a great company.

  • Da12b says:

    Great Move… it will be remembered! THANK YOU!

  • GARY WOLF says:

    Thank you for standing up for free speech. We all recognize the enormous strength you are showing in this environment.

  • Alan Robinson says:

    It was only a matter of time until Gab fooled someone that hatred masquerading as free speech is about principles.

    I can only hope that Epik itself is taken down before it inspires the next synagogue shooting thanks to its decision to offer bigotry a home.

    • Rob Monster says:

      To be “taken down” sure sounds like hate speech to me. Your comment stands here and your IP address and email are also duly noted. Your time would have been better spent visiting and reporting any content that you find threatening to, or perhaps simply engaging dialog.

      • Brad says:

        It seems abundantly clear that Mr. Robinson stating that Epik should be “taken down” was meant as being taken offline, which clearly is not hate speech.
        There’s a clear distinction between taking a service offline and someone or something being “taken down” the way that users of would imply.

        • Rob Monster says:

          Aha, that is a matter of perception and semantics is it not. Study the history of Weather Underground and Rules for Radicals and then come back and tell me that the left is equally incapable of violence or that ISIS is not rampant on Twitter. Gab is at least governed by Terms of Service and making an effort to work with law enforcement to deal with people who are unaccountable. Mostly the content there is benign. Frankly I had never even heard of the site until Godaddy booted them. I suspect I am not alone there!

      • Alan Robinson says:

        Your sarcastic attitude towards hate speech is the best proof yet that you are lockstep with the bigots you have chosen to harbor.

        Also notable is that your support of free speech is limited to those whose views you share.

        • Historian says:

          Censorship leads to genocide. We saw this in the leftist Marxist USSR in which tens of millions of people who simply had an opinion, were sent to the GULAG camps and exterminated.

          We can never allow censorship to take root.

    • AMerican says:

      I only hope you are stricken down before you communistic views ruin this country.

  • Brad says:

    You try to justify it as free speech but any time we allow narrow minded people to post their disgusting racist and hateful views we’re only allowing the disease to spread.

    • J Wright says:

      I find your attitude narrow-minded! Racist and hateful views in what regard? “Disease to spread” in the form of thoughts and ideas?
      If you find OUR attitude narrow-minded be grateful; if it were WIDE-MINDED you would be even more of a minority! And as for spreading disease, have you no mental strength (immunity to mental contagion) at all? Don’t you believe strongly in what you say / write? Are you so feeble-minded we must protect you from ideas you disagree with?
      If YOU cannot defend yourself from ideas you dislike are others to blame? If you cannot defend your own positions are others at fault?
      Become an adult, the discussions become much more interesting!

  • Mom fact says:

    Thank you so much for believing in freedom of speech. I hope every patriot quits their current provider and moves to you.

  • TI says:

    To all of you crybabies out there, grow up.
    Let Freedom Ring

  • Tacitus says:

    “My hope, for all of our sakes, is that treads wisely, using its liberty for the betterment of most, and the enlightenment of all.”

    I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you. You already know Gab isn’t even remotely going to better anyone except the virulent racists and anti-Semites who fester in that swamp. As for enlightenment, I’m sure their presence will “enlighten” more people to become racists and anti-Semites. After all, that’s precisely why the “Crying Nazi” posts “It’s okay to be racist” on Gab and receives nothing but encouragement and praise from other Gabbers for doing so, as well as testimonials from those newly minted racists.

    If you’re not lying to us, then you’re lying to yourself.

    • J Wright says:

      Everyone who posts on Gab is not a racist, anti-Semite or whatever else offends you today. Try learning something about the wider Gab community (which includes Brazilians, artists, philosophers, technology buffs, and more) before you reveal your ignorance.

  • Elsa says:

    I’ve been with godaddy for thirteen years. Moved my domains to Epik, effective today, then renewed them for 4 years.
    I really appreciate your standing up like this. Seriously, grateful.

  • Larry Randall says:

    Thank you for working with Andrew and Gab.

  • Robin Uney says:

    Just something to think about: if you only side with Nazis when they pay you, it still means *you side with Nazis*. No one is owed a platform, and your choice to provide one to hate speech speaks to your values.

    • Rob Monster says:

      I value free speech, self-governance, and personal accountability. I trust that Gab management will govern themselves in line with their Terms of Service and that the world will watch them as they do it. As for Nazis, my family were part of the Dutch resistance that fought the Nazis in Holland and hid allied forces for which the penalty was death. I have spent more time in Israel than many jews and even met with several senior officials including Mayor Nir Barkat of Jerusalem. I have many Jewish friends, and have been called “Mensch” many times. History can judge me in arrears, and I am prepared for that, having been governed by values and my continuing faith in my fellow man and woman.

    • J Wright says:

      Hate speech is a term invented by statists to silence any form of dissent, without examining or defending their own biases. Did you ever post on Gab before the de-platforming (another euphemism for “censorship” or “suppression without appeal”)? Did you even log on to Gab before then? Or are you just repeating “Nazis”, “hate speech” and similar nonsense like a parrot repeating sounds?
      YOU are a threat to every thinking person in the country; by refusing to use logic and reason instead of emotion, you give aid and encouragement to those who have no thoughts or ideas, but wish to silence those who do. If you think “Nazis” still exist, you are ignorant of history, as this is not Germany between 1920 – 1945 (when the Nazi party was OUTLAWED in Germany and disbanded); nor are those who post on Gab ethnic Germans from that era (if any are still alive who were former Party members, they would be elderly now if not dead). If you want to say those who post on Gab are Nazis, what proof do you have? That a few posted anti-Semitic comments? That others posted some other kind of material you object to?
      I do not want to tell you what you can and cannot see / read; YOU want to tell me what I am limited to view. THAT is the difference between us, that your mental weakness cannot allow others to post what you object to. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, THEN, and leave the adults to their discussions, on any and all topics that interest us.

  • Tom says:

    Well doggone it! Not only is your last name Monster, you’ve done something BEYOND awesome for too! I’m all for people policing people and NOT companies trying to be the morality/opinion/etc. monitors for the internet. I can’t stand it with someone else trying to tell me what I should do or think. Opinions are like 5th point of contacts in odeur (you love your own but everyone else doesn’t…..) I wish I would have found you all a long time ago because I would have been there. In fact, after reading the post from you in regards to stepping up for, I’m going to be moving all my Domain business to you all because this is the kind of support I love to see! Also, thank you for standing up to all the social justice idiots out there that can’t think for themselves and would rather feign vicarious offense over something speaking through their 5th point of toothless oracle of wonder. Stink is as stink does. Keep being awesome. You’re my kinda tribe!

  • Bob Veale says:

    Thank you so much for helping our Gab site. It takes some courage but you are doing the right thing. I know sometimes some users are rough around the edges and we need to exercise more discipline in our speech. Thank again for giving our site a chance to grow and mature.

  • Disgust says:

    “I trust that Gab management will govern themselves in line with their Terms of Service and that the world will watch them as they do it.”

    Good luck kicking that football, Charlie Brown.

    • Rob Monster says:

      We are fielding unresolved concerns at There are fine lines. Those who would wipe out reference to Holodomor or Nazi propaganda also eliminate the opportunity to learn from it. By some accounts, Joseph Goebbels was in a class by himself when it comes to orchestrating mass adoption of the party narrative — this at a time when the technology for doing so was vastly less advanced than it is today. Yet, unlike Edward Bernays, he never wrote a book so the collective has to piece that back together. Unfortunately, sometimes those images will be offensive to some people.

      • Donald Ball says:

        It’s amazing how technologists think they can reinvent everything learned from the study of propaganda and semiotics from first principles. And by amazing, I mean dripping with hubris.

        Enjoy your notoriety, I suppose.

        • Rob Monster says:

          Although I don’t know your professional qualifications, nor the lengths of your journey into the topic, I give you chops for concatenating enigmatic terms into semi-coherent prose.

          • Daniel McDowell says:

            It’s somewhat pathetic that hate speech or false information is now being so heavily criticized, as though it is the cause and effect of all civilized societies. One only has to view or listen with various types of media to our politicians, local governance and civil servants with their lies, deception, misinformation and hateful rhetoric. Even our justice department has witnessed an ineptitude for equal justice towards the privileged, second only to a denial of a public viewed execution.
            It’s therefore obvious that the only recourse is not to abolish any of the above mentioned, but hold the inept, criminal or deceivers accountable as an individual leaving the institutions, laws and constitution intact. The internet is no different then society, if you threaten someones wellbeing it’s a crime and should be directed to the threat and treated accordingly.
            Thank you for giving a company who is exercising their ability under the governance of US law, to allow free thinking people to behave as they wish and if criminalized, be treated accordingly.

        • Ron says:

          Behold, we have a Chomsky wannabe in our midst.

  • Gregory Hilz says:

    Thank you for your courage and your ethics. Free speech cannot exist without these 2 components. Well Done!

  • Congrats to all the snowflakes on getting their safe space back. Congrats to Epik on what no doubt is the best form of advertising their money could buy. I’m sure you won’t regret it at all, ha.

  • Frances says:

    Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!
    Have only 2 little personal domain names, but will soon be researching to look into moving the registration here.
    Again, Thank you, and bless you!

  • Countervail says:

    Shame on you Epik (and what a bastardization of that word to begin with).

    Your “ethics” will encourage hate. Your “courage” will allow morally slimy worms to fester in a virtual trash heap of misinformation, disinformation, and radical dung.

    We need more light in the world, for clarity and clearheaded thinking. In the real world, free speech can at least be checked by society. But you’re doubling down on a platform that encourages divisiveness in place or cooperation, anger in place of responsibility, false information instead of reason and consideration, personal malignancy instead of public beneficence, uncheckable shadows of rot. A platform of last hope to people that are so morally repugnant no other platform will have them.

    Bravo to you. I can’t wait to see your brave blog post supporting free speech the next time we find out a domestic terrorist used your site to inflame their own demons, encouraged by the radicalism of other.

    • Rob Monster says:

      Let’s see what happens as the Second Coming of Gab unfolds. I am optimistic that we are seeing a more accountable leadership governing a larger community of stakeholders who have had a wakeup call when it comes to self-policing of public forums. Gab is one of many. It happens to have a reasonably modern interface and a charismatic founder who will mature in front of everyone’s eyes. Thank you for your vigilance.

    • Matthew says:

      By “hate”, do you mean “ideas I disagree with”?

      • Jacob says:

        I’m pretty sure everyone (well, almost everyone — can’t forget those Gabbers) disagrees with antisemitism.

        • Historian says:

          I’m pretty sure everyone (well, almost everyone — can’t forget those Twitters) disagrees with antiwhitism.

          Remember that antiwhitism led to the deaths of 10 million in the Holodomor genocide.

    • Historian says:

      65 million of my people, White Europeans, were killed in leftist Marxist genocide of the USSR Gulag death camps from 1917-1991. Never again can we allow censorship to silence voices and lead to extermination.

  • Tom says:

    Thank you Epik, Gab is much needed. Is it true someone boke into Andrew Torba’s home and opened a gas line in hopes of killing his family?

  • David Moore says:

    Under the Constitution, one is guaranteed free speech, and we all are guaranteed a free press. However, one is NOT guaranteed a free printing press.

    • Matthew says:

      One also has the right to choose – do I want to listen to opposing ideas? Or do I want to stick my fingers in my ears and go “la la la la la”? Epik is enabling those who choose the former to do so. Good for them – I support them 100%.

      • David Moore says:

        I make it a point to read the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and even Fox News. Going “la-La-La” isn’t the point, however editorial oversight is helpful in separating “wheat from chaff.”

        “Alt-Right” conspiracy nonsense should have no “platform” except one for which they pay themselves.

        • J Wright says:

          ““Alt-Right” conspiracy nonsense should have no “platform” except one for which they pay themselves.”
          Isn’t Gab paying for their services here?
          Why? How is it that anytime those on the Left want to complain about others [ Hillary’s “Deplorables” comment comes to mind] it’s fine on every channel, but if anyone wants to complain about Leftists it’s “hate speech”?
          If someone wants to be an anti-Semite, it’s their problem. If someone wants to deny someone else a platform for ideological reasons, it’s MY problem. When “editorial oversight” becomes censorship it’s EVERYBODY’S problem!
          You are aware some 6 – 10 companies OWN 90%+ of all media in America? When Alex Jones became untouchable a month or two back, Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube / Stripe / Paypal ALL turned his programs off the same day; does that bother you at all? When the Cloudflare CEO quit defending a neo-Nazi website, effectively silencing it, he said “No one should have this kind of power” and did it ANYWAY.
          Do you want people deciding whether your opinions should be published – and giving you NO say or appeal in the process?
          Last question: if a Nazi knew YOUR life was in danger (say, from a crazed lunatic with a knife) would you want him silenced, and stay ignorant of the danger?
          There is no “hate speech” exception in the First Amendment.

          • David Moore says:

            All specious arguments. Anyone chanting in support of an obvious demagogue spewing conspiracy theories about immigrants, is “deplorable” because A) they believe things that are demonstrably untrue, or B) they don’t really believe these sorts of conspiracy but repeat them for political gain.

            I have been enough a student of history to recognize the language of the “alt-right” for what it is – people used to privilege (whether they know it or not) fearing a change to their status in society. The first group to embrace this are the undereducated. The second are those with “education” who “go along to get along.” In the end all lose something, some lose everything.

            Again, no private company owes a “free printing press” to anyone. The “alt-right” has every right to their “free press” so long as they pay for it themselves.

            As for me, I’ll do everything I can to convince epik to drop this miserable excuse for “social networking,” including talking to other businesses using their services to make a change. can invest in it’s own servers and infrastructures…and if they can’t, well, that’s capitalism.

  • Linda Barnhardt says:

    Thank you epik for standing up for free speech and against tyranny and censorship.

  • Aleister Hermit says:

    Free speech does not entitle anyone to a platform. If all you can manage is a soapbox on a street corner that’s your problem. Hosting Gab, with its population of bed-wetting racist morons essentially endorses their antiquated hate-mongering ideology.

    • Matthew says:

      I see you’ve managed to find a platform to spout your rubbish too. You should be grateful to Epik for that!

    • John says:

      This right here is a great example of the Left. Rather than debate the idea, they personally attack the one with the views and resort to name-calling.

  • Brian says:

    God bless you and thank you very much for standing up for free speech by giving your service to Gab. We stand by you 100%

  • Matthew says:

    I wanted to add my thanks also – great move.

  • J.S. von Wälsung says:

    Thank you epik for taking a stand for freedom of expression.

    It was……epic.

  • Daniel Westrick says:

    You are a fool. A well meaning one perhaps but still a fool. The decision to enable and condone hate and violence has nothing to do with the 1st amendment or free speech. Neither you or anyone is obligated to provide a megaphone to Nazis, misogynists and bigots, but you have chosen to do so. It as not as if these folks have been silenced or need your protection. They are everywhere on the Internet. And when the next deaths occur at the hands of these extremist you will have some of that blood on your hands whether you choose to believe so or not.

    • Rob Monster says:

      The path to compromise and common ground starts with transparency and engagement. The alternative is clandestine subversion. I am not sure about you but I rather have these discussions out in the open in public forums!

  • s.koblitz says:

    Thank You for taking a stand and supporting Free Speech, Kind regards, s.koblitz.

  • Ron says:

    What can people do to help?

  • Bess Diddori says:

    Thank you for your support of Freedom of Speech. BitsnMoon is a GAB supporter and we are SO glad GAB is back!

  • JohnnyBravo says:

    Thank you for fighting for our god given right to free speech and free thought.
    You are a patriot!

  • BOB O'CONNOR says:

    Thank you for having the courage to stand up to the marxist mob and support the right to freedom of speech afforded by the US Constitution.

  • Odin says:

    Thank you. We are going to feature your platform on our website for this! Thanks for supporting free speech.

  • River City says:

    Thank you Rob. Your willingness to have an open mind is appreciated. Most of us who started with Gab in beta are average Americans who support the 1A. When Gab offered the opportunity to support it financially a lot of us did, and still do. We must be willing to support our God given rights with our time and treasure. You are given the recognition due for a supporter of God given rights. Thank you!

  • Rain L says:

    Just wanted to stop by and pay my respects and say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING FREE SPEECH ONLINE!!!!! Behind you 100%! Andrew Torba sent me and I’m sure a ton of others to convey our gratitude. Will keep you in my prayers. Stay strong!!

  • Gregg says:

    Thank you so much for doing what you’re doing! I know the attacks on you aren’t easy to take, but they are also a sign you are doing the right thing. God Bless You!

  • Jaycephus says:

    Thank you for supporting Free Speech. I’m on Twitter, still, but I was on Gab, too.

  • Michelle says:

    The name says it all! You guys are awesome! Thank you! Trust me, others are watching & will follow suit. It’s a scary time for all of us. It really has shown me how I took, how we all took our 1A for granted. Waking up everyday & it just being there! Now the threat is real that it can be taken from us. You are our Robin Hood!

  • Jim says:

    Thank you and God bless you. The next site I stand up I will use you guys with NO DOUBT.

    Thank you.

    I Bow to Epik!

  • Richard Dewey says:

    I wanted to thank you for your bold action in help hold the Republic together. That’s how important free speech is to us. You’re our modern day Franklin. I agree with every word and look forward to watching you grow into diversification king America needs these days!

  • SeattleAnon says:

    Thank you for being the domain registrar for Gab and standing up for 1AM. While finding a data center / cloud servers to host the service can be an additional challenge, the DNS record is a single point of failure.

  • R.V. Carvalho says:

    There are still American’s out there who remember what this is truly all about.
    Thank you for standing up for truth, liberty and freedom. Brightest blessings
    to you and your family!

  • Pierre Leroux says:

    I want to thank you for allowing me to speak without being censored for saying I support Trump

  • Jamie says:

    Thank you sincerely Rob, your support for free speech is commendable

  • Kilo says:

    Thanks Epik, well see it we can send more business.

  • john says:

    Gab is a toilet

    • Rob Monster says:

      I am quite sure more people say that about Twitter. And having observed the nonsense being spread on Twitter this week, I totally agree. I have also experienced first-hand the deceptive practices of the media who have been complicit in manufacturing a narrative that is completely silly and they all know it. I am an ally to those who wish to peacefully coexist around principles of free will and personal accountability.

  • Joe says:

    Thanks Epik for supporting free speech and Gab.

  • Bman says:

    Very reasoned arguments. The trouble is that many (not all) of the people you are helping don’t care about all that. Not really. Not deep down. Deep down they just want to talk about the Jewish problem and it’s ‘solution’.

    I wouldn’t have believed it if you told me, but I visited that site a few months ago and saw it with my own eyes. I remember thinking that these people are just egging each other on until someone ‘does’ something. Which they did eventually.

    That’s why they get banned from other meeting places.

    That’s what they feel they aren’t “allowed” to talk about.

    Thing is, they have a right to free speech. Government isn’t persecuting them for obsessing about Jews and solutions.

    But they don’t have a right to someone else’s global platform to do it on.

    Companies are not obliged to give them a platform.

    It is okay to take a moral stance here. We had a violent and costly discussion about all this in WW2 and we have moved on. My grand uncle and many others shed blood in that war. Some of us don’t want to talk about final solutions or listen to people talking about them. They have a right to talk about it, we have a right not to.

    Sir, it is your right to provide that platform if you wish. But big tech not providing that platform isn’t censorship. It’s them, and us, excercising their own right to a moral stance. If we can’t agree that Nazi’s are bad then that is okay too (it’s called freedom). But you can’t deny us OUR right to a moral stance (that’s called freedom too).

    • J Wright says:

      I find Communism morally reprehensible, and it’s younger sibling Socialism as well. Socialists and Communists have KILLED millions of people in the last century. But I cannot demand that those who support them be “de-platformed” [censored, suppressed] because that would give them power and appeal through mystery. I must argue, every day as needed, that socialism and communism are murderous, intolerant ideologies that cause human suffering on enormous scales.
      But you seem to be weak in your convictions; if Nazi’s are bad (do any real Nazis exist today?] then that should be obvious to anyone who reads their writings. Mein Kampf was banned in Germany for decades, maybe still is; but by denying anyone the ability to dispute their ideas, it is arguable that those who claim the Nazis are bad ENCOURAGED their continued existence!
      The key point to me here is that YOU are demanding others to support YOUR moral stance, even as you admit others might disagree. Not only that, but you are OK with silencing those who are on Gab but NOT “Nazi’s”. What about the Brazilians, using Gab to debate their own elections? Can you argue to silence them too just because you dislike SOME Gab users? What about the forum on Art? Silence them too? What about the technology, finance, health forums? All must go silent because YOU are offended?
      Is there no limit to YOUR intolerance?

  • Richard says:

    God bless you. Stay strong. The stakes here are as high as it is possible to get – freedom and liberty itself.

  • Ayla Stewart says:

    Thank you so much for standing up for free speech. May God bless and keep you. I too have been attacked by the media and lied about relentlessly. You have my full support.

  • ***Thank you*** for making sure we have free speech on the internet.

  • David B. says:

    Mr. Monster,

    I wish to commend you for stepping up and defending free speech with your decision to be Gab’s registrar. I am sure that this decision comes with an element of risk for your company, too. Your full-throated defense of the right of Gab to exist along with your strong suggestion that Gab remain vigilant to police its own platform for violators of its TOS.

    In my opinion, you are an exemplary CEO, one worthy of emulating. Again, thank you for your very public “rescue mission of Gab.”

    David B., Gab Pro member and a Donator to Gab

  • Phil says:

    Thank you!

  • I’m glad you have the sense to understand what is at issue. I’ve been involved with IT since 1981. In 2009 I woke up to the threat to my country, by 2012 I realised that eventually the censorship would extend to domain names being taken off people. Others with a lifetime in IT laughed at my predictions. But within 5 years my prediction came true.

    Because I knew this would happen, I started to write books, as there was no way I could guarantee that facts would survive on the internet. My first book was about the 45 years in which immigrant gangs in the UK were allowed to rape and prostitute schoolgirls with impunity. Despite the shocking nature of the revelations in that book, in nearly 5 years since it was published, no-one has refuted a single point. And the predictions I made 5 years ago in that book have come true, including my warning that we would see murders of vengeance by vigilantes.

    My second book went straight to No.1 on Amazon, and stayed there until the first 5000 copies were sold 4 days later. Publishers had warned me that we wouldn’t sell 5000 copies in a year. Imagine their shock to see we sold them in 4 days.

    Again, it’s a book with hundreds of footnotes to back up the evidence. I was banned from Twitter and Facebook 18 months ago. My co-author (with 400,000 followers) was banned from Twitter six months ago. And despite the fame of that book, in the year since it was first published no-one has refuted the evidence it contains.

    Gab is the only place left to me where I can meet and learn and educate others.

    • Rob Monster says:

      Not a familiar topic for me. However, I would say: (1) long live free speech — with discernment, and (2) long live independent book sellers and open standards for eBooks!

  • vanderleun says:

    I salute your brave decision, sir. And I hope you can remain true to these ideals.

    As employee number 3 of the EFF I watched its once noble founder Mitch Kapor drift away from these the ideals of the Bill of Rights to become the sad if wealthy SJW clone he is today. Don’t let this happen.

  • Ardelle Wachter says:

    Thank you Rob Monster, you are my hero. Thank you for putting Gab back on line!

  • thierrion says:

    Thank you so much for giving Gab a home. In addition to banning me from their platform for 30 days at a time, Facebook has taken to preventing content from my business page from being shared, even though the content does not violate their TOS.

    This means a lot. Thanks again.

  • dgw says:

    Thanks for supporting Gab. I am ABSOLUTELY moving my 20+ domains from Godaddy to Epik within a week!

  • Rene says:

    Thank you epik for allowing Gab to continue it’s great platform for our free speech.

  • Rick says:

    Another thank you for hosting gab. It was obvious to all of us that the take-down of gab was orchestrated, just as the individual accounts of conservatives on the major social media platforms were likewise eliminated. There is a coordinated effort to make all social media politically correct, which is to say that it must also, by its nature, be left wing. gab is the only alternative to that group-think.

    Funny how FaceBook and Twitter have yet to be de-platformed for hosting violent content, murderers, and terrorists.

  • Max says:

    Adding my support here; thanks Epik for supporting freedom of speech! It is a fundamental tenet of the Western world, and our Founding Fathers would be absolutely ashamed and disheartened to see the ways in which these big tech social media companies are continuously undermining it. Keep up the fight!

  • Martin Green says:

    I don’t currently use Gab, although I am aware of it, and why it is so important in this world of opinion-coercing Tech Giants. I salute your willingness to stand up for what is right, in the face of almost certain condemnation from your industry. GoDaddy was already in my “never patronize” book due to its support of SOPA. This is just confirmation that I am right to shun them completely.

  • Michael Clark says:

    Thank you, Sir. I have recommended you to someone starting a business and they will be doing business with you in the near future.

  • GS Hunt says:

    Thanks for supporting GAB

    While there is (to me) questionable content, it is how it should be: free speech.

  • Jack Yan says:

    Robert, thank you for acting on principle. I mightn’t always like what I see on Gab but they are viewpoints as equally as valid as mine, and deserve the same protection. If anything strays into illegal territory, I have confidence that Gab will act appropriately. In fact, I’m disappointed how Twitter has become a medium where people are piled upon for expressing minority viewpoints, where censorship takes place, where bot-seeking software is banned, and where there are clear double standards.

  • abNPC says:

    Thank you for your socially enterprising decision. The majority support you and your operation. The name of Epik becomes even more epic. I will strongly consider hosting future projects your servers, as it’s clearly going to be reliable.

    Have you considered getting in to payment systems?

    • Rob Monster says:

      Great question. We work with payment processors, but that is such a specialty business that it would be logical to integrate on a strategic partnership or reseller basis. Happy to explore if you have insight. Email: rob(-at-)

  • Lisa de Jong says:

    I never heard of Gab before, but I do appreciate this move. Because that shows Epik is a trustworthy and reliable platform.

    There is a trend going on where a handful of tech companies have become the lawmakers of the internet. Google has entire lists of things that you can’t talk about on your own website, while it’s none of their business. I own a travel website about Amsterdam for example. And when you talk about tourism in Amsterdam you can’t avoid talking about certain problematic content. So you have to censor your content, which is a shame.

    And it gets especially bad when the content isn’t even evaluated by human eyes. As for example recently got taken down due to an automated abuse system. So you could just file a couple complaints to the automated system and your site is down. And this is only going to get worse with the EU demanding that social media platform take certain content down within 1 hour.

    And now Godaddy and Paypal start making their own laws as well. It’s a horrible trend.

    • Rob Monster says:

      Thank you for your comments. There is a discussion under way about an Internet Bill of Rights unfolding in light of this GoDaddy incident. I expect it takes full form in the coming months with a judicial process and appeal process that protects digital property rights in a predictable way that is not onerous. Details pending but clearly there needs to be greater consumer protection against disruption of digital operations.

  • Pat Gutenberg says:

    Thank you Rob for your civil courage and support for GAB and free speech. We need to find a good lawyer to find out how to sue these arrogant tech aholes for big bucks (my gut is telling me that this is a restriction of trade/collusion/violation of subscribers rights – but I am not a lawyer).

  • Peter Cohen says:

    You can be darned sure that next time I have to register a domain name, I will be doing so with Epik. Bravo!

    I absolutely hate 90% of everything found on Gab. I would fight to the death for their right to say it.

  • NonNPC says:

    Thank you, Rob! I will be signing up with your company later this year, for my business site. Please keep fighting for liberty and the 1st Amendment, for online speech and business protection from censorship. Much respect.

  • John M Brooks says:

    Thank you, Epik! I appreciate your defense of free speech regardless of the interlocutor. The internet stands with you!

  • Anna Erishkigal says:

    Thank you!

  • Kimo Hana says:

    You, sir, are a modern day patriot. I don’t use Gab and probably won’t, but I was horrified to see how they were shut down because some people that use their service think differently from others. I think that’s extraordinarily dangerous and can’t tell you how happy I am to see someone with your courage stand up to that mob. I wish you the greatest success. Thank you for preserving our nations most treasured values.

  • B says:

    I say bravo.

    Bravo for standing up to the bullies.

    Bravo for making a statement we desperately needed.

    All current political issues notwithstanding.

    I’m moving all my personal domains with you as a “thank you” for this.

  • Mark says:

    I am eagerly awaiting my inheritance, and I intent to found a 508 Church Organization intended to disabuse (to free of deception & error) by clearly explaining how deception operates…I WAS considering GoDaddy as a web hosting platform until Gab was unjustly deplatformed because of ONE extremists…We, as reasoning people, agree that the lawless use of force, which is the definition of violence has never actually resolved any conflict, it only settled the matter of who had more manpower & firepower, not who was actually RIGHT…Along with promoted by Ben Swann we need an exodus away from those that would arbitrarily cut off people from dissenting. I will be fair to Jews and take issue with those that defame Judaism, just as I take issue with those ZioNazis that take Islam at its worst and portray it as normative… My web site will be

  • Rob Monster says:

    The Seattle ABC affiliate showed up at my house late Sunday night asking for an impromptu interview, which I declined. I felt badly that the very friendly crew had come all the way out to Sammamish for nothing. I gave a few remarks but neglected to state that it was “Off the record”. Of course, they ran my comments verbatim. Sneaky. Anyway, since they had no film, they gave my off the record remarks to the Seattle Times who wrote a far less balanced narrative:

    People of Seattle. You are better than this. The world is capable of constructive engagement. The folks on that site are mostly nice people with families. There is a vocal subset of people that I am pretty sure don’t like me, even though Epik is only the registrar here. Nevertheless, I led a brief AMA on Sunday night and you can see the reactions here:

    Mind you, I had never even heard of until a week ago when this whole decommissioning by Godaddy of their domain happened. Had they simply been governed by Due Process and engaged the operators of Gab to adjust course, perhaps this whole incident can be avoided.

    Let’s not fight about it. Let’s talk about it.

  • Jansie says:

    So impressed, I want to move over from

    I don’t use GAB (personally). I think social media is brainless. But I wish it and its customers only the best.

    But your pro-common sense stance is so refreshing that it sucks a person in.

    A question (and this is probably a stretch): do you offer re-seller hosting? If not, is there a company with the same common sense as you guys (and SSD and cPanel, of course) that does?

    • Rob Monster says:

      Thanks Jansie. Yes, we are talking common sense. Rather than divide and conquer, we can engage and compromise even if that means rational people choose to agree to disagree. As for hosting, we offer dedicated servers. Details here. You can resell using the industry standard WHMCS. That said, easier money is probably to just be an Epik affiliate.

  • Mark Webb says:

    Thank you for your courage and commitment to free speech by supporting Gab. It is much appreciated.

  • AndreMurgo says:

    Thank you for hosting Gab and holding Freedom at its deserved value

  • Debbie says:

    Thank you for standing up for what is right. I have had an account on Gab for a while, but never heard of Epik before this incident. I have stayed away from Godaddy, because, while they are inexpensive, I have always viewed them as overly controlling of their customers. I have a few domains registered elsewhere, as part of a hosting/reseller package, so I am not likely to move them, but I will be sure to recommend to anyone looking for a registrar. In this present time, more so than ever, we need to remain vigilant in protecting everyone’s freedom of speech, whether or not we agree with them. Obviously, individuals who engage in true hate speech and threats, or promote illegal activities, need to be dealt with appropriately. However, I have personally known people who have been banned from Facebook and Twitter for doing nothing more than respectfully expressing conservative views like our Founders would have espoused. I wish you much success as a result of agreeing to be the registrar for Gab.

  • WB says:

    Blackstone on natural rights (sometimes called inalienable rights)

    With regard to the first of these, the declaratory part of the municipal law, this depends not so much upon the law of revelation or of nature as upon the wisdom and will of the legislator. This doctrine, which before was slightly touched, deserves a more particular explication. Those rights then which God and nature have established, and are therefore called natural rights, such as are life and liberty, need not the aid of human laws to be more effectually invested in every man than they are; neither do they receive any additional strength when declared by the municipal laws to be inviolable. On the contrary, no human legislature has power to abridge or destroy them, unless the owner shall himself commit some act that amounts to a forfeiture. Neither do divine or natural duties (such as, for instance, the worship of God, the maintenance of children, and the like) receive any stronger sanction from being also declared to be duties by the law of the land. The case is the same as to crimes and misdemeanors, that are forbidden by the superior laws, and therefore styled mala in se [wrong in itself], such as murder, theft, and perjury; which contract no additional turpitude from being declared unlawful by the inferior legislature. For that legislature in all these cases acts only, as was before observed, in subordination to the great lawgiver, transcribing and publishing his precepts. So that, upon the whole, the declaratory part of the municipal law has no force or operation at all, with regard to actions that are naturally and intrinsically right or wrong.

    INTRODUCTION, SECTION 2: Of the Nature of Laws in General

  • Mark in Mayenne says:

    Thank you for hosting a bastion of free speech. I can’t say that I use Gab much, but I have an account, since I support the idea.

  • Bernardo Mendes says:

    Thanks from Portugal. I owe you one 😉

  • Teresa McDaneld says:

    Thank you for hosting Gab!

  • Travis Oakley says:

    Thank you for your commitment to free speech. I can go on twitter all day and see people talking about my ethnic group, and no one cares… But i dont think they should be deplatformed. It’s free speech.

    Same with gab, some people there talk about other people, and I dont like seeing that either, but they have the right.

    Thanks again. I am moving all my godaddy sites to you guys. Do you host too?

  • Judith Fitch says:

    Thank you for believing in Gab as we gabbers do!

  • Diane Shears says:

    Thank you for hosting GAB and the fundamental human right of free speech. I wish epik the best of luck in all its endeavours. You most certainly deserve it!

  • Neuroflux says:

    Thank you for supporting Gab and the right to freedom of expression. Stand strong Epik. The results of the midterm elections clearly show that the progressive left, most mainstream media and social justice “warriors” are in the minority. As for the Big Tech social media platforms, while clearly having a left wing bias I see them more as participating in anti-trust to stifle and silence their competition. It is also very troubling to see registrars, hosting services and payment processors boarding the censorship bandwagon in the name of “virtue”. All of this would have been unthinkable back when I became a Netizen in 1988. SMH

  • Phil Cassini says:

    Thank you for standing up for everyone’s right to free speech. When political warfare turns into financial warfare against dissenters, few are willing to bet their money and fortune on this right. You did. Your courage will not be forgotten.

  • Assis Haubert says:

    Congratulations for your support to GAB. Freedom of speech where some group has more freedom than other, well, it’s not “freedom”, the real name is censorship.

    I have a reseller account in another hosting company, I don’t find here a compatible product to be a viable option in a possible migration in the future. How we can talk about?

    Thank you.

  • Lucky says:

    The decision to host GAB – well done!

  • Leo A. says:

    Thank you, epik, for hosting gab! Let freedom reign! PS I’m not quoting the song. 😉

  • Gabriel In Rome says:

    Great job on allowing Gab. Stay strong and alert; what is really going on is satanists versus humanity (us). And what these elites fear the most is truths and speech that eventually exposes hoaxes and horrors.

  • Guy Galt says:

    TW#TTER is dead. Long live Gab.

  • zmortis says:

    I’m glad there are still people who stand up for liberty and freedom in the world. Too often people look to use the threat of force to silence voices they don’t agree with. You can’t have a free society without the free exchange of ideas. Thus freedom of speech is essential to fight tyranny.

  • Ron says:

    Hi, Rob

    Is there a link to those who want to move from Hostgator to epik?

  • You just got yourself a new customer. I will be figuring out how to transfer my domains to epik this evening. My websites are nothing out of the ordinary or controversial but It is so important that we take the power away from those that have shown that they are can be so easily corrupted.

    The only way to take the power away from the tech giants is to stop giving them our money.

    We can choose to pay for services through ethical companies instead.

    • Rob Monster says:

      Thanks Matt. I encourage people to vote with their domains. Monopolistic enterprises who are party to de-platforming exercises without due process should know that there is a downside to cutting corners. Appreciate your support.

  • PvanLenth says:

    In the Dutch (mainstream) newspaper De Volkskrant an in-depth, 4-page article about the alt-right explains how antisemitism is spread using ‘memes’ and ‘dog whistles’. Personally, I belong to the politically incorrect, largely think positive of Trump and Orban (Hungarian prime minister), am anti migration, support Brexit, reject Islam and so on. But I am also a very strong supporter of Israël and hater of antisemitism.
    The antisemitism in Europe (where I live) is, in my view/bubble, for the most coming from muslims. But the article puts the focus on antisemitism in the alt-right sphere. True, it may be a one sided article, written by journalists who are in the other, leftist bubble. But they do mention ACTUAL threads and tweets, especcially on GAB, that DO worry me.
    What worries me most notably is the use of certain ‘memes’ and ‘dog whistles’ that are very clear for insiders, but seem harmless to outsiders, and that suck curious youngsters in a worldview where ‘the’ jews are blamed for almost everything that’s going wrong in the world.
    Rob Monster may be of opinion that he’s doing the right thing to ensure freedom of speech. But in my opinion ‘memes’ like “The goyim know, shut it down” and ‘dog whistling’ like “(((soros)))” are nothing but vicious insider tactics that have nothing to do with sane debate or freedom of speech and opinion.
    Are Gabbers of opinion that antisemitism too is a legitimate type of opinion?

    • Rob Monster says:

      Pvan – From what I understand, when Stormfront was shut down last year, some of that cohort Gab. Some of them are unaccountable thugs and trolls that abuse Free Speech. And the dog whistling is probably there though the overwhelming minority. See here for how the community reacted to a reasonable expectation of free expression with personal responsibility. To be continued.

  • ItseMeMario says:

    I’d like to thank you for this step, while my sites are all basically neither political or org related i’ve made the decision to move my domains ASAP to epik but ASAP could take at least a year in my case.

    I think to pick up GAB was not only a very brave but also a necessary step into the right direction.

    Kudos to whoever made the decision.

  • Disco says:

    Freedom isn’t something anybody can be given. Freedom is something people take.

    The First Amendment has come to symbolize the right of “a single minority of one”. A small voice allowed to express views that differ from those of the popular majority. Or the mob. The freedom to speak your mind. To worship. To pray without interference. To protest in peace.

    But it was designed to protect offensive and unpopular speech. And this is where our commitment to free speech is most tested. And most important.

  • says:

    Well done EPIK.COM for taking up the gauntlet for Free Speech and supporting the future of independent social media discussion forums.

    As everyone is or should be aware, main stream social media is OWNED by corporate companies and reports to share holders. Censorship on these platforms is BIASED and impedes a FREE and democratic debate on opinions and news stories.

    I would implore all ‘Bloggers’ or website managers to be aware of this bias and look carefully at their hosting providers!

  • Bar Barian @bbarian on Gab says:

    Free speech isn’t for popular speech, that needs no protection. Thanks for fighting the good fight, good luck!

  • Thanks for your courage. We need more guys like you.

  • 1) Thank you for working with Gab, and fighting the good fight. I find the sensible, well informed, soft spoken folk on Gab way outweigh the silly gang. And a lot of the so-called ‘haters’ are trolls acting out, anyway. Trying to bring Gab into disrepute.
    2) I own two dozen or so domain names, and they will ALL be coming to you…

  • Maaz Kalim says:

    Almost all of the comments herein are so anti-progress as if it’s some commune of cultist dinosaurus…

    I could’ve got for-free entertainment but unfortunately, none of them are comprehensive or challenging-enough rational arguments but mere reductive ones! Let alone being indigenous! (For me to waste more time even though they’re bound to give me incalculable laughs…)

    Stay happy, ya know… Being “un-PC”, “un-SJW”, un-nada wadda yadda. I do hope that all of you get successful in imprinting your own values in your offsprings (obviously, excluding “adoption” since it’s empirically abhorrent°) and when and if they become successful in safely growing-up and ultimately get cornered, you won’t be there to keep doing your daily-business of double-standards by crying fowl for absence of the welfare for them!

  • I like your style, Rob. I don’t really have a dog in the Gab fight directly, but you’ve got the right principles and vision for a free and open Internet, and I aspire to have a web service that will rankle enough powerful feathers one day such that your “Swiss Bank” approach will be seen as having been a wise choice.

    Impressed with your approach I decided to check out your services; the prices are good and the management tools look nice and clean, as well as offering nice tools for somebody who manages domains. It just so happens that Tucows can’t seem to bill me correctly anymore, and, heck, I started using them in ’99 because I liked their Winsock archive, of all things.

    First domain is en route; I only wish I had heard of Epik sooner.

    • Rob Monster says:

      Thanks Bill. We appreciate the support and kind words.

      Our platform is world class. We also happen to be governed by principles and have built a culture of doing the right thing even when nobody is looking, or if it was socially unpopular.

      History shows that Switzerland was neutral in WW2. There is a place for neutral party where things can get worked out fairly. ICANN, the industry regulator, is not doing this yet, so Epik stands in the gap.

  • jesarat says:

    Robert, Thank you for taking action on the ground. I do not always want to love what I see in Gabb, but these views seem equally credible, unique and protected. If something goes wrong, I’m sure Gabab will work properly. In fact, I’m disappointed that Twitter has become a media that people have to convey to minority views, where censorship takes place, where rocket search software is banned, and where there are clear dual standards, Is hidden.

  • جسارت says:

    that is so right and fake book kicked me off right before election because was posting about libtards

  • guideadda says:

    The First Amendment has come to symbolize the right of “a single minority of one”. A small voice allowed to express views that differ from those of the popular majority. Or the mob. The freedom to speak your mind. To worship. To pray without interference. To protest in peace.

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