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Epik provides domain buyers with a world class platform for purchasing an existing domain.

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Most of the best domains have long been registered, meaning that a good domain will often required buying from an existing registrant. Epik provides a safe platform for buying a domain with unmatched purchase protection.

In many cases, you are able to purchase your domain directly through the Epik Marketplace with instant fulfillment of your order. In cases where instant fulfillment is not available, Epik will guide you through the purchase process.

How It Works

  • Search the domain at or browse listed inventory in the Epik Marketplace.
  • If a domain is available immediately, you can add it to your cart and check out. The domain is delivered to your account a few moments later along with email confirmation of your completed transaction.
  • If a domain is not immediately available, you will be prompted with your options for completing the purchase, either with Epik as broker, or through our risk-free backorder service for securing the domain when it is available.

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