Sell With Marketplace

Epik’s Domain Name Marketplace provides a reliable and cost-effective way to sell your domains.

Domain Sellers

The Epik Marketplace provides a no-escrow solution for domain transactions. Domains that are registered at Epik are instantly delivered to the buyer. Proceeds are instantly disbursed to the seller as available funds, and the buyer is immediately able to begin working with their domain.

How It Works

  • Domain seller selects the domains to be sold and specifies the terms for selling as well as customizing the appearance of their listing.
  • Domain buyer can search the domain via or directly from the domain-specific landing page for the domain.
  • Once the purchase is completed, the domain is delivered to the buyer’s Epik account, and proceeds are disbursed to the seller.

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+1 (737) 301-5923


  • Instant Fulfillment without escrow delay
  • Legendary after-sales support
  • Fraud Protection to prevent unauthorized transactions
  • Lowest transaction costs in the industry
  • Offer domain rentals or Purchase Plans – paid monthly