Epik Domain Name Leasing Services

Epik is a leading provider of Domain Name Leasing Services

Domain Lessors

Domain Name Leasing is an ideal solution for situations where a customer seeking use of a domain is not able to purchase the domain outright. Domain owners can provide managed leasing through which protects the interests of all stakeholders. The domain remains the property of the lessor while giving the lessee access to Epik support as well as direct access to the domain through their Epik control panel.

How It Works

  • Domain Lessor selects the domains to be leased and sets the terms for leasing as well as whether or not there is a purchase option.
  • Domain Lessee leases the domain, and either funds their account or saves a payment method for use with monthly billing.
  • Proceeds are deposited in the Lessor's MasterBucks account, where they can be spent at Epik and/or withdrawn as cash. (Commissions and withdrawal fees apply.)

Domain Lessees

Domain Leasing is an ideal way to secure a premium domain without having to pay the entire cost. It is ideal for testing the water with a new idea, or to temporarily secure the domain while arranging funds for a future purchase of the domain via a purchase option for the domain.

How It Works

  • Search the domain you are interested in leasing
  • Review the lease terms and purchase option (if applicable)
  • Check out and pay for one or more months of leasing time
  • Monthly payments are automatically charged against your saved payment method

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