Forever Registration Agreement

1. Definition

Epik offers a unique service, variously referred to as "Forever Renewal", "Forever Registration", "Forever Domain", or "Forever Transfer" but herein referred to as a "Forever Registration".

The User agrees that a Forever Registration shall mean the following: Once the User purchases said service at Epik for a particular domain - the "Forever Domain" - and the domain registration or transfer to Epik (if applicable) is completed for that Forever Domain, then Epik shall renew the Forever Domain for the maximum period permitted by the applicable domain registry that governs said domain (e.g. .COM). Once a Forever registration is purchased, the user shall not be responsible for paying any cost associated with renewal of the Forever Domain at Epik.

Thereafter, so long as the Forever Domain remains registered at Epik, Epik shall annually renew said domain for 1 additional year, provided the TLD registry in question allows the expiration date to be extended that far. Epik shall endeavor to maintain the expiration date for the Forever Domain, at all times, multiple years in the future, thereby precluding any chance of expiry. Epik shall undertake this obligation in perpetuity, to pay for ongoing renewals for as long as the Forever Domain remains registered at Epik and provided that the associated registry allows renewal of said domain.

2. Transfer to Another Registrar

The User acknowledges that other registrars currently do not (and may never) offer a service comparable to or compatible with Epik`s Forever Registration. Consequently, if the User chooses to transfer the Forever Domain to another registrar, then, once that transfer away from Epik is complete, Epik shall be released from any and all obligations associated with said domain. In particular, once the Forever Domain is no longer registered at Epik, then Epik shall not be responsible for renewing said domain nor for paying or reimbursing the User for further renewal fees or other costs associated with the domain beyond the processed years. The User understands that transferring the Forever Domain back to Epik at a later date will not reinstate the Forever Registration, which was already terminated by transfer away from Epik.

3. Cancellation

At any time, the User may suspend future renewals of the Forever Domain by writing to Epik and requesting such a suspension of the Forever Registration. Once the Forever Registration is voluntarily suspended by the User, Epik is under no continuing obligation to reinstate the Forever Registration service.

The User acknowledges that allegations of abuse or non-compliance can result in the User`s complete loss of 1 or more domains and associated services or even in the closure of the User`s Epik account. Should this occur in the case of the Forever Domain, the User agrees that the Forever Registration will be terminated without reimbursement by Epik. More generally, the User agrees that Epik shall not be obliged to offer reimbursement or pay damages for any domains or services that are canceled as a consequence of the following scenarios: (i) if a domain is seized by lawful government action; or (ii) if a domain is suspended by the TLD registry that governs said domain; or (iii) if the domain is ordered to be deleted or transferred by any court, UDRP panel, or similar body with legal authority to adjudicate domain-related disputes; or (iv) if the User violates Epik`s Terms of Service or other Epik policies to which the User has agreed.

Epik shall offer a level of customer service for the Forever Domain and to the User generally that is comparable in quality to the customer service offered to other Epik customers and for other Epik domains. Except in cases of alleged abuse or non-compliance, Epik shall not compel any Forever Domain to be transferred away from Epik without a full refund of the price originally paid by the User for the Forever Registration. As a domain registrar or reseller, Epik shall make a reasonable effort to maintain compatibility with the TLD registry that governs the Forever Domain, as long as the Forever Registration is active. But Epik shall not be obliged to offer Forever Registrations for all TLDs or domain suffixes, nor to offer Forever Registrations for additional domains even if Forever Registrations for similar domains were offered in the past or maintained currently.

The User acknowledges that Epik may cancel the Forever Registration at any time for any reason, provided that Epik notifies the user via email and provided that the User receives a full refund of the price originally paid for the Forever Registration. Such cancellation shall release Epik from the obligation to renew the Forever Domain in the future and from any responsibility to pay or reimburse the User for future renewals or other costs. But cancellation of a Forever Registration, if said cancellation is not requested by the User or a consequence of alleged abuse or non-compliance by the User, shall leave intact the Forever Domain`s expiration date. In other words, such cancellation of the Forever Registration would result in the User receiving a domain renewal for the maximum period allowed by the TLD registry, paid at Epik`s expense; and this service would have a net cost of zero for the User.

4. Transfer to Another Owner

The Forever Registration service is associated with the Forever Domain itself and not with any particular owner of the Forever Domain. If the Forever Domain is reassigned to a new owner (based on changes in the whois database) or moved to a new Epik account, then Epik shall maintain the Forever Registration, including all foregoing obligations, for the new owner of the Forever Domain as the User. In other words, the new owner inherits the Forever Registration with no additional cost or obligation. In order to extend the Forever Registration service to the new owner of the Forever Domain, Epik will tacitly assume that the new owner agrees to this Forever Registration Agreement in full. If the new owner refuses to accept the terms of this agreement, then Epik shall interpret said refusal as a voluntary suspension of the Forever Registration. The User understands that, by voluntarily reassigning the Forever Domain to a new owner, the User is thereby transferring any rights the User may have had under this Agreement to that new owner. Epik`s obligations only pertain to the current owner of the Forever Domain. In particular, if Epik refunds a Forever Registration, then that refund shall be issued to the current owner of the Forever Domain and not to the former owner of said domain who originally purchased the Forever Registration.