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We love to help individuals and businesses grow. That's why we offer a set of free services and products that will support you to get started.

Free WHOIS Privacy

Because privacy is a Right not a Privilege

Epik will protect and hide your information and shield you from spammers, marketing firms and fraudsters. Its a robust privacy service powered by anonymize.com

Free Domain Forwarding

Get the most out of your domain names

Fast, reliable domain redirect and forwarding designed to to help you gain the most out of your domain names without paying extra fees.

Free Basic WordPress

Your first step to your powerful website

Start by select one of many free WordPress themes handpicked for you that will help you publish your content and brand.

Free Landing Pages

Attract and engage with potential leads

Create responsive landing pages to promote your domains, drive traffic and generate leads. A little personal touch and you are all set.

Free SSL/TLS Certificates

Certificates you can count on

Epik will help you ensure that your website is guarded and meets today's modern sites' demands.

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