Epik's dedicated servers offer the robust hardware and enterprise services you need for your business-critical applications.

Choose the configuration that suits your project.

Why Consider a Dedicated Server?

In a typical hosted server solution, your website is stored on a server shared by dozens of other customers, each competing to use the same CPU and bandwidth resources. If one of your neighbors consumes a large share of the resources, then the performance and availability of your site may suffer.

With a dedicated server, you, and only you, can access the full CPU and RAM resources of your very own physical server. You have complete control – just as if the machine were sitting next to you. And unlike a Virtual Private Server (VPS), all resources on a Dedicated Server are available exclusively to you, enabling high performance at all times.

Dedicated Server solutions are ideal for businesses or advanced users who run high-traffic websites, CPU-intensive applications, or complex databases. If you have mission-critical applications, then a Dedicated Server is for you.

High Capacity

Epik offers generous bandwidth and disk space. So you're unlikely to get hit with surprise overage fees.

Peace of Mind

Epik performs automatic managed backups of your entire site. So you never need to worry about losing your data. Moreover, there is no limit on backup storage space.

Blazingly Fast Apps

Harness the full power of your multi-core processor. All Epik servers offer quad-core CPUs.

High Level of Control

Manage your Dedicated Server with some of the most popular admin consoles available. You have full root access to your server plus the ability to reboot remotely from your control panel.