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Epik as the leading full-service registrar and host is pleased to offer Domain Name Management Services for customers who are seeking a reliable partner who can extract maximum value from the domain portfolio while providing transparent communication to all stakeholders .

Your cyber assets

Whether the situation is good news or bad news, a proactive approach to asset management can make a material difference in the final outcome to prevent unintended or unauthorized access to cyber assets that may otherwise go overlooked.

Some typical scenarios include:
  • Will and estate contingency planning
  • Death or health impairment
  • Change of career or financial priorities
  • Liquidation
  • Business continuity
  • Divorce or Separation

In some cases, an individual or entity may have amassed a significant portfolio of cyber assets over an extended period of time.The ongoing curation and orderly sale of a portfolio can represent a material difference in the potential value of these assets.

Cyber assets may include:
  • Domain names
  • Hosting accounts
  • Traffic Monetization
  • Domain Marketplace inquiries
  • Trademarks and Trademark applications

Epik provides a tailored approach to your individual situation. Through consultation with the stakeholders and/or agents of the stakeholders, Epik will propose a customized solution for management of the domain portfolio.

The typical on boarding process is as follows:

Domain registrations

In cases where domains are registered elsewhere, domains some or all domains will be migrated to the Epik registrar. If needed, Epik can advance the cost of the transfers to the Epik-managed domain account.


In most cases, Epik takes over domain monetization, providing daily sweep of monetization into the customer account.

Hosting management

If practical, Epik will migrate hosting of website assets

Domain selling and leasing

Epik provides integrated sale and lease management of domains, including escrow services for high value domains.


If needed, Epik can either provide legal counsel, or work with existing counsel on pending or active trademarks.

Once the portfolio is on boarded, Epik provides ongoing services to curate and manage the portfolio of cyber assets with the goal of maximizing returns. The client determines whether to do this with further investment in maintenance costs, or to instead operate on a self-funded basis by funding renewal costs from proceeds from monetization, sales and leasing.

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Throughout the process, the customer and/or agent has real-time access to all portfolio details. An assigned account manager will answer any questions related to the status of the portfolio. In cases where assets are to be sold or leased, the customer can choose to defer to Epik to manage pricing and sale of assets based or can be notified as these as situations arise.

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