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Developing real estate sites -- particularly niche real estate sites that serve a very particular location or housing type -- can be a great challenge. Unlike many other types of web sites, real estate sites must have not only an attractive front end so that users can search for their dream home, but there must be a powerful backend system to handle the management of both old and new property listings. The cost, time, and design challenges of building such a system -- especially the backend tools -- have derailed many a project. But with Epik`s Real Estate platform, we`ve built everything for you! Epik | Real Estate brings you a highly usable, cleanly designed platform inside and out, a platform on which you can base a real estate business.

The perfect FSBO destination

The perfect FSBO destination

The well designed homepage and property listing pages offer graphically rich, dynamic dislays of both standard and featured properties. Among the many features immediately visible are:

  • Visibly differentiated Featured listings
  • Multiple views of available properties
  • Dynamic photo gallery
  • Advanced, multi-category search capabilities
  • Highly informative property listings
  • Support for widgets such as real estate news feeds, interest rates, etc.
  • Visitors can submit their own property listings for a fee! Perfect for FSBO sellers!

The perfect FSBO destination That`s right! Epik | Real Estate supports user submitted property listings, making your site an ideal destination for the FSBO seller. With more and more sellers looking to save on commission costs, FSBO has become an increasingly popular option for sellers, an option that you can profit from.

The listings on the property listing pages are displayed in a similar fashion to those on the homepage. Those users shopping for homes can easily mark certain listings as their favorites and access them in their user dashboard later on.


Listing a property has never been easier

Listing a property has never been easier

The property detail page is where users can see the actual property in all it’s glory. The property lister may add as many photos as desired, with those photos being automatically displayed in a photo gallery slideshow. Additional details are displayed elegantly and strategically. The agent and/or seller details are displayed with the full contact details and appropriate links. Interested buyers can contact the seller by filling out a simple email form.

A Google map is automatically generated and displayed on the listing page. Properties with similar characteristics can be optionally configured to appear at the end of the page based on various criteria.


The Submit Property Page enables anyone to submit listing to your site, all without even visiting the Dashboard. All registered users can submit listings, they can even register by submitting a listing. We have alo added a time saving feature to our image uploader: now you can select and upload an unlimited number of images that you can sort after submission. Even better, Epik | Real Estate will automatically resize and arrange them as necessary.


Set your own pricing packages

Set your own pricing packages

Epik | Real Estate gives you the tools to create highly flexible payment plans for users who list properties on your site. You can create recurring billing plans for regular listers, and even category-specific price packages. Of course, Epik | Real Estate supports all major credit cards as well as Paypal.


You Have a Partner in Epik

As your partner, Epik is committed to ensuring that your online real estate business succeeds. All Epik Real Estate sites and servers are fully hosted and managed by Epik to ensure the highest levels of technical performance, security, and availability. Moreover, every deployment comes with Epik`s 24x7 on-shore support center that offers both technical support and hosted customer support services for your online business.


Building a high quality, high content real estate listing site normally requres a great deal of time, engineering resources, and money. But with Epik, all this is taken care of for you. Of course, you get the usual Epik amenities of custom graphics, turnkey hosting, 24x7 tech support, and access to our team of SEO specialists. And, because of our platform approach to development, we are able to offer this for an unprecedentedly low one-time setup fee of $749.

  • Visibly differentiated Featured listings
  • Multple views of available properties
  • Dynamic photo gallery
  • Advanced, multi-category search capabilities
  • Highly informative property listings
  • Support for widgets such as real estate news feeds, interest rates, etc.
  • Visitors can submit their own property listings for a fee.



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