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  • Get your for your blog or portfolio
  • Get your and set up for the whole family
  • Get your and redirect to your profiles
  • See how hundreds of individuals use their .xyz domains at

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  • Upgrade your domain to a shorter .xyz. For example, now redirects to
  • Rebrand your business with a .xyz. For example, is now
  • Launch a new product on a .xyz microsite. For example, the cofounders of Skype use for their delivery robots
  • Engage with a global audience using .xyz. For example, Deloitte uses and for their leadership communities

.XYZ is for investors

  • CNOX: Find domains that are taken in .com, .net, and .org but still available in .xyz
  • Standard premiums: Find common first names and last names, dictionary words, city names, and more
  • Dropping lists: Search dropping .xyz domains by day to register

Introducing the 1.111B Class by .XYZ

All .xyz domains between -—a total of 1.111 billion numeric combinations—are now just $0.99 per year or less per year, every year, to register, renew, and transfer.

The 1.111B Class is a block of .xyz domains classified for non-traditional and/or alternative uses of domain names. The 1.111B Class has been introduced to foster innovation and creativity. Use 1.111B Class .xyz domains for:

  • Smart device connections for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Advanced network communications
  • Vanity digital identifiers
  • Phone numbers and other personal identifiers
  • Virtual currencies and tradable asset
  • Other creative uses setout by innovators and entrepreneurs

To keep the 1.111B Class safe and reputable, XYZ will enforce a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of abuse, including spamming, phishing, and malware.

Read the full 1.111B Class white paper

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