Resilient Domains

Empowering you and your organization with a digital presence that is fast, secure, and affordable - at any scale.

Search Domains

Epik is believed to be the first and only company to own and operate the entire stack of technological infrastructure required for providing secure and resilient distribution of digital content.

Content Delivery Network

BitMitigate's advanced CDN brings content closer to the user by leveraging a global high performance network and proprietary dynamic caching system that is both fast and rapidly scalable.

Domain Registration

Epik works hard to protect registrants against not only technical attacks but also policy attacks. Our primary duty is to route traffic within the bounds of the law.

DDoS Mitigation

BitMitigate started out first and foremost as a DDoS Mitigation company  and has proven solutions that outperform market-leader CloudFlare.

Anycast IP address

Anycast means that we have multiple servers around the globe all with the same IP address. Visitors are automatically routed to the closest server without the need for slow GeoDNS lookups.

SSL Certificate is Included

Your resilient domain comes standard with a 4096-bit SSL certificate to provide all traffic the highest standard of encryption to site visitors.

Own it Forever

With a resilient domain, you have the option of owning the domain per perpetuity through a one-time purchase of the resilient domain service thereby protecting the domain against accidental loss.

Own it Forever

Epik's provides a VPN service for both consumers and businesses which is not only fast, but extremely secure as well by using the strongest quantum-resistant encryption algorithm AES-256

Dynamic Page Optimization

BitMitigate's advanced page optimization technologies work by detecting information about the visitor such as a browser, device, screen size, and then modifying the code of the page in real time to make it load up to 10x faster - especially on mobile devices.

Performance tests for sites powered by BitMitigate reveal page load times of under 100ms anywhere in the world. This speed is comparable to what is typically known for DNS resolution - bringing page load times into this realm changes the game entirely. The incredible performance of BitMitigate is due to the individually powerful, but when combined exceptional benefits of AnyCast DNS, CDN, AI-based page optimization, and dynamic caching.

The implications here are that a web host or website operator in any part of the world can make their websites up to 10x faster for anyone, anywhere, just by using BitMitigate. In the context of emerging markets with low bandwidth capacity. BitMitigate not only makes websites faster it makes them usable.

Battle Tested Solutions capable of Massive Scale

BitMitigate receives more than 100 DDoS attacks every day and mitigates them without downtime or interruptions to customer service. This ability to mitigate DDoS attacks also includes very large attacks involving more than 10 million IPs in a single attack. BitMitigate successfully defends against Layer 7 and Layer 4 attacks.