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MarketScope is an intelligent personal assistant to help you grow your website traffic using free, high-quality channels like SEO, Social Media, and Content marketing

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MarketScope will handle online marketing

No time for online marketing? MarketScope monitors your SEO, Social Media, and Content marketing, and notifies you of anything important, like actionable opportunities or potential problems:

New content ideas

SEO issues

Competitors’ top performing content

Changes in your search engine rankings

Social media shares

Links to your competitors

Opportunities to promote your site

SEO & Social Media In Plain English

You don’t have to be an expert to use MarketScope. Every recommendation is accompanied by full transparency into why it will grow your traffic, and what results were achieved.

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For every opportunity we discover, you can choose to ignore it, get instructions for how to handle it yourself, or outsource it to someone who can help at a fair price.

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