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MasterBucks - Liquidity for the Domain Industry

The absence of conventional liquidity is one of the largest structural challenges affecting the domain industry today. Another significant issue is the high transaction costs for brokered sales and exchanges of domains, including the income and capital gains tax treatment of these transactions. At Epik, we are committed to addressing impediments to frictionless trade.


Our solution is an alternative currency, Masterbucks


How can I use my Masterbucks?

Masterbucks can be used for any and all transactions within the Epik Network. Masterbucks can also be converted to the US dollar or into services or domain purchases from Epik and Epik-approved partners. There is no fee to join. Customers with an Epik account are automatically enabled for Masterbucks transactions using the same sign-in credentials.

Masterbucks never expire and
are fully transferable.

Masterbucks also offer certain tax advantages. In most cases, swapping domains by using Masterbucks qualifies as a tax deferred like kind exchange 1 . Especially for domainers planning to dispose of domains in order to fund the development of other domains, this aspect of Masterbucks is particular beneficial.

How do I get Masterbucks?

Masterbucks can be funded from your Epik account, or from In some cases, Epik will also purchase domains from Masterbucks.

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Can I exchange Masterbucks for cash?

Masterbucks can be redeemed from Redemption to cash is subject to a 5% transaction fee.

1. In most cases, swapping domains by using Masterbucks qualifies as an IRC Section 1031 tax deferred like-kind exchange . This tax advantage applies to the extent the domainer actually swaps (rather than merely sells for Masterbucks), though the swap can occur up to 45 days later under Section 1031.