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Our feature-rich application theme was built for ease-of-use and tight integration with WordPress so you’ll be able to sell job listing space, and accept new resumes on your own fully branded and customized site pre-populated with real job listings from our data partners.

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The Timing is Right

With a slow but steady economic recovery underway, companies are finally hiring again, and they need places from which to reach out to qualified applicants. Of course, employers can and do post their jobs on the usual nationwide online job boards, but these postings often get lost in an undifferentiated mass of job listings. Because of this, many employers also like to place ads on more targeted job boards, the more targeted the better: either by job type, location, or, ideally, both.

Many domain owners have such "long tail" domain names such as MBAJobsinSanFrancisco.com in their portfolios, but until now it was not cost effective to build them out or find the job postings to fill them. Now, with Epik`s Job Boards platform, it finally is.


Job Seekers & Employers

Tap into new business and grow your user base with support for job seekers. Just like employers, job seekers have their own portal and management tools where they can post their resume (CV), update their profile, and be searchable on your site.

Recruiters, too!

Give employment recruiters the extra access they must have with the recruiter role. Enabling the recruiters option in JobRoller adds the role to the registration page unlocking extra permissions for the power users that need it.

Custom Job Types

JobRoller comes with five job types pre-installed. But don’t let that hold you back. Create as many job types as you desire, quickly and easily.

It’s Simple, Anyone Can Do It!

You don’t need a high-paid developer and designer to have a feature-packed job board. With WordPress and JobRoller, it’s a snap. Just download JobRoller and activate in WordPress with a simple button click and you’re ready. It couldn’t be easier

Resume (CV) Database

Job seekers can list their resume covering past experience, education, skills, and specialities. A separate section for browsing resumes is visible and even searchable. With the job search market so hot, now is the time to capitalize!

Transaction Logging

You don’t need a high-paid developer and designer Keep track of all your job listing sales from within JobRoller. Every time a PayPal transaction takes place, it securely sends it back into the JobRoller database so you don’t have to login to PayPal in order to check your sales


Epik Job Boards Pricing

Building a high quality, high content job site can be a daunting challenge. Aside from the usual challenges and costs of site design, implementation and support, there are the two big challenges of legitimately acquiring a large corpus of job postings and using SEO to make your job site stand out among dozens of others.

With Epik, all this is taken care of for you. Of course, you get the usual Epik amenities of custom graphics, turnkey hosting, 24x7 tech support, and access to our team of SEO specialists. But with Epik JobBoards, you also get access to a huge set of nationally listed job listings to supplement your paid listings. And, because of our platform approach to development, we are able to offer this for a low one-time setup fee.

Platform Features

Basic Features

Separate portals for job seekers and employers

Simple Account Creation

Job Listing Submission Wizard

Email alerts for new job listings

Can charge for job listings, including creation of job packs

Featured listing pricing

Support for usual social sites, including Facebook, Twitter, etc

Keyword, category, and radius searches

Searches Custom Fields

Radius Search

Can charge for job listings

Featured listing pricing

Support for more than a dozen currencies

Features for Job Seekers

Multi-language support

Job Alerts

Support for pasting resumes directly from MS Word

Resume privacy

Job Sources

Entered by employers (paid)

Indeed job aggregator

Simply Hired



Payment Gateways


Google Checkout

Authorize.net for major credit cards

Manual payments (Bank Transfer, etc..)