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Alt-TLDs (operated by Epik) and Handshake (HNS) domains are special types of TLDs that are designed to operate in a specific network. These TLDs are not recognized extensions by browsers nor integrated in the “common” web by default, and albeit they can be accessible through browsers, they must be accessed through specific DNS Resolvers.

To resolve these domains, users need to do so through the use of additional or alternative systems. This is typically done through the use of a VPN, browser and/or by changing the Operating System DNS Resolver.

Handshake Domains

Handshake Name System (HNS) or Handshake, is a peer-to-peer domain naming protocol that operates with blockchain technology as a secure and decentralized public registry that’s validated by all the participants in the network. See more here.


Alt TLDs are operated by Epik and designed to run across networks that support the DNS resolver.

How To Resolve Alt-TLDs & Handshake Domains

To resolve Handshake Domains, use one of the following methods:

To resolve Alt-TLDs, use one of the following methods:

Epik Product Compatibility

Currently, Alt-TLDs and Handshake domains are not compatible with Epik’s Shared Hosting nor Marketplace products. To fully develop content under these domain names, a VPS, Dedicated Server or alternative form of hosting is required.

For more information about Alt TLDs, or to partner with us, contact us at, and we will be happy to advise.