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What’s a Backorder?

A backorder is an automated service that attempts to register, or “catch” a domain name at the end of its full lifecycle when it’s made available for registration again.

Are backorders guaranteed to succeed?

Since a lot of registrars also try to register many of these domains, often due to the name quality and/or demand, it’s not guaranteed the backorder will be fulfilled.

Why should I choose Epik’s backorders?

Many of these backorder players hold auctions when they have concurrent backorders, which puts buyers in a wallet versus wallet situation. On Epik, backorders work on a first-come-first-served basis and the first buyer to have paid for the backorder gets the domain if Epik catches it.

And what if Epik doesn’t catch the domain?

If Epik doesn’t succeed in catching the domain the backorder will be cancelled and you’ll be refunded the amount to In Store Credit automatically.

What if I don’t want Store Credit?

Refunds to the original payment method can be issued provided it has not passed a maximum of 120 days since the order.

How do I request a refund?

To request a refund, just cancel your backorder, and email with your Account PIN # and request. Our team will check for eligibility and get back to you as soon as possible.

Will the backorder stay in place if the domain is renewed?

Yes, it will simply be fulfilled after the updated expiration date and subsequent lifecycle.

Do you have pre-release?

Yes, backordering a domain that’s currently registered on Epik would be fulfilled at the end of that domain’s expiration cycle before the redemptionPeriod.

Can I backorder any TLD?

Unfortunately no. The domain that’s backordered must be eligible to be registered with Epik (see our Prices page for a full list of TLDs).

Epik does not process backorders for .IN domains due to registry policy.

Is there a timeline to place a backorder?

You can only place a backorder up until 2 hours before the daily domain drop (the actual time the domain becomes available, or is “released”). The exact time when the drop happens depends on the registry, but it’s usually between 06:00PM and 10:00PM UTC.