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Congratulations on the sale! All that’s left to complete the transaction at this point is to deliver the domain to the buyer, so Epik can pay you, the seller.

Note: Always go through the designated channels when delivering a domain – do not transfer the asset to the buyer without Epik’s instructions.

The buyer pays for the transfer fee when a domain is sold through our Marketplace, however we still need you (the seller) to provide the appropriate AuthCode so that the domain can be transferred.

Once you’ve sold a domain in our Marketplace, you want to follow the next steps in order to complete the sale:

1. Log into your Account;

2. Head over to the Domain Delivery page and click the Resolve button:

3. A new screen will appear, where you have to enter the Auth Code and click Retry Transfer button:

4. We’ll now attempt to start the transfer of the domain you sold, however you should keep an eye on the Domain Delivery page to make sure that it went through.