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Epik provides an affiliate program, in which customers can earn commissions for qualified purchases on Epik through an affiliate link.

By adding your custom affiliate code to the end of a URL or by creating a banner that can be embedded in your website, users can provide or market their links to their audience.

How To Set Up an Affiliate Account

1. Login to your Account.

2. In your Epik Dashboard, click Affiliate Program under Account. You can also visit the Affiliate Program page and click the Start Earning Today button.

3. This will direct you to the Affiliate Dashboard. An Affiliate ID is automatically generated for your account, which enables you to immediately access your affiliate ID string. You may also use Epik’s premade banner list, or make your own banner with your custom link.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my affiliate sales and commissions?

Navigate to your Affiliate Dashboard, and click Commissions & Sales. In this page, you can find the total affiliate sales and revenue you have earned to date.

How do I create a banner?

In your Affiliate Dashboard, scroll down to Create Your Custom Affiliate URL Or Banner. You can input your link with your Affiliate ID, upload an image, and set your banner title. Once ready, click Submit, and you’ll be given the HTML code widget snippet to add to your website, or anywhere you’d like.

How does the Affiliate ID work?

A link with an affiliate ID will add a cookie to the user’s browser, and the sale will qualify for affiliate proceeds if a purchase is made while the cookie is active.

The affiliate ID can be added in links as the Link Example, where the Affiliate ID yz0ab1cd2 is added to the main page as The string of text ?affid=yz0ab1cd2 is the full ID, and can also be appended to any specific link of Epik products as long as they’re qualified purchases.

In the example where you’d like to get a qualifying purchase from the registration of domain names, you’d add the link in the following manner:

What kind of sales are considered qualified purchases?

Epik considers the following purchases as qualified revenue for the Affiliate Program:

– Domain Registration
– Forever Registrations
– Hosting Plan Purchase
– Renewal/Grace-Renewal of Domains
– Domain Transfers
– SSL Certificates
– Marketplace Sales

What’s the revenue percentages, and how do they work?

We give a 20% commission for the first purchase of a new customer. After that, subsequent purchases with the affiliate link will award a 5% commission (for the same customer).

How are the commissions credited?

Qualifying purchases commissions are credited to the Affiliate ID’s account Store Credit balance.

Can commissions be withdrawn?

Commissions can’t be withdrawn. In very special circumstances, we may approve a verified outstanding affiliate user to withdraw their proceeds, provided they have more than $2,500 in qualified affiliate revenue and has contributed to the promotion of the Epik brand positively.