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Epik offers domain investors the possibility of creating their own custom marketplace portal, where they can sell their domains via Buy Now & Lease directly to their customers, under a custom domain – all for free. It includes SSL hosting with Epik, customizable options such logo, header, categories, custom scripts and much more!

Note: Marketplace Portals are limited to one per customer.

How To Create an Epik Marketplace Portal

1. Log in to your Account.

2. In your Epik Dashboard, click My Marketplace, under the Account option in the black navigation bar.

3. You’ll reach the Marketplace Portal set-up. To create your marketplace, fill in the first Host field with your domain name and your Email in the second field, and click Create Marketplace. The process will start and will take up to 2 minutes.

4. After the page reloads, you’ll have access to two buttons – one is View Portal, which opens your new marketplace domain. The other is Settings, which allows you to customize your Marketplace Portal.

  • If you have your domain at Epik, DNS will be automatically setup.
  • If your domain is external, you’ll have to point your domain to the marketplace portal server’s IP via A Record, which is


Note: Allow up to 24 to 48 hours for DNS Propagation and SSL Certification.

5. Click Settings to customize your Marketplace Portal. Here, you’re able to set up all your customization options, including additional tabs, SEO description and Titles, Logo, Favicon as well as custom scripts.

6. Once everything is customized, you can Save and visit your page by visiting your domain. You can check out an example by heading to