Can I sell or lease my domains on Epik?

Domains that are registered at Epik can be sold or leased in the Epik marketplace. Domains that are registered elsewhere may set up to accept offers but cannot be sold instantly due to the need to verify ownership.  Contact support for assistance with listing your domain in the Epik marketplace.

Is there a cost to join Epik?

Epik is free to join.  You can manage and track all of your domains across all of your registrars at absolutely no cost, including the ability to use Epik DNS and domain forwarding services.

Will you remind me if my domain or hosting is expiring?

By default you will get 7 notifications about your expiring domain.  You can adjust this frequency in your Account Profile under the Notifications options.  Domains set to auto-renew will be reminded once.  If your payment method fails, you will be notified.

Can I backorder a name at Epik?

Epik provides a highly competitive backorder service.  Domains are awarded on a first come first serve basis.  Unlike most backorder services, there is no auction.   If a backorder is missed, the backorder fee is simply refunded in full.

Do you have promotional codes?

Epik generally does not use promotional codes but rather follows a policy of providing competitive all-inclusive pricing.  For non-profits or large portfolio holders, please contact us to discuss pricing.

What are

Masterbucks is the Epik scrip currency.  It is convertible to US Dollars.  It can be freely exchanged between members.

What is
+- is a WHOIS privacy service.  It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Epik Holdings, Inc, a Washington State corporation