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In this article, we’ll learn how to add 2-factor authentication to your account.

Epik Single Sign-On system is powered by – however, customers are able to add 2-Factor Authentication on their account only as well, instead of ecosystem wide security by adding it on

Our security systems accept Google Authenticator, but also other apps with similar functionalities, such as Authy or FreeOTP.

1. Login to your account.

2. In your Domain Dashboard, click on Account on the top menu. Next, click View Profile.

3. Click on Security on the sidebar menu. Here on the Security Settings, check the Enable Google Authenticator checkbox.

4. Once done, a QR code will appear with instructions on downloading and using the Google Authenticator App on your mobile. Scan the QR code shown on your Epik account using the Google Authenticator App, or Enter the 6-digit code into the field below the QR code and click Enable.

If you also have SMS-based 2-Factor Authentication, you’ll be able to choose the primary one by selecting the Set as Primary Auth option.

Disabling 2-Factor Authentication

Back in your Security Settings, uncheck the Enable Google Authenticator checkbox.