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In this guide, we’ll learn how to easily change your domain’s Whois information and details on This change can be made individually or in bulk for each domain.

If you wish to add different details for each set of domains, you may consider checking our article on how to use Domain Profiles, which is an elegant and easy solution for selective updates.

1. Login to and navigate to your Epik Dashboard.

2. Here, select your domain, click the square icon in the top corner of the list. In the options’ menu, click Set Whois Info or Domain Profile in the DNS & Whois column.

3. In this page you can set the WHOIS information and Privacy Settings – you can set different types of details such as Administrative or Billing information by navigating the tabs, or check the Use for all contact types box below to use the Registrant information for all 4 types. When ready, click Save.