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In this article, we’ll learn what is FTP and how to set up FTP Accounts in Epik’s hosting cPanel.

What is FTP?

In order for a website to be published, it needs to have files which browsers can read data from.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to upload files into the server – so browsers can read those files – is by accessing the server via FTP (or File Transfer Protocol) – a protocol specifically created for file transfers. In order for users to be able to connect to servers through an FTP Client, they need to have permissions to access that specific server. These permissions are assigned to users in the form of FTP Accounts, created via cPanel.

When you sign up for a hosting package, Epik creates a master cPanel account, which results in a master FTP account being created with the same credentials (emailed to you upon sign up to the plan).

You can create new FTP accounts to give access to other users without giving them your cPanel login credentials. For each additional FTP account created, you can also give each user different levels of access by assigning the user to a specific directory.

Creating an FTP Account

1. Access your cPanel Account – you can learn how to access it in this article.

2. Look for the FTP Accounts option.

3. You will be asked to fill in the FTP Account Information in each field. Below is the description of each required field.

  • Login: the desired username for your FTP account. It will be combined with your main domain name to create the full username. In our example, we enter support in the Login field, so the full Username will be
  • Password: enter a strong and secure password in this field for your FTP account. Feel free to use a Password Generator for this option.
  • Password (again): enter the same password here to confirm the spelling.
  • Strength: this field informs you how secure your password is. Strength levels range from Very Weak to Very Strong.
  • Directory: when you create an FTP account, it is limited to the directory you indicate here. cPanel will autofill an assumed directory based on the FTP username. You can erase everything after /home/cpanelusername/ and provide the directory you would like the user to have access to. You can also leave it blank, so the user will have access to your home directory.

Note: You can determine the level of access for a user. The FTP user will not be able to navigate outside the specified directory. However, he/she will be able to access all files and subfolders inside that folder.

  • Quota: you can limit the disk space available for an FTP user here, or set it to Unlimited.

4. Click on the Create FTP Account blue button, and you should see a notification indicating that your FTP Account was created and ready to be used.

Accessing an FTP Account

To access an FTP Account that already exists, you need to have an FTP Client installed in your computer, such as CoreFTP or FileZilla.

1. Open your FTP Client.

2. Enter the following information on each connection field:

  • Host: – or – Hosting Server ( – or – Hosting Server IP.
  • Username:
  • Password: the password you chose upon creating the FTP Account;
  • Port: 21

3. Done. Your FTP client should now be connected to the server, and you can upload, delete, and change permissions of your files.