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In this article, we’ll learn how to create subdomains for your Epik Shared Web Hosting package.

Subdomains in the hosting context, as the name alludes to, are subdivisions of a domain, which live under a prefix of the root domain name. They’re often used to run services like staging environments, blogs, forums, and anything you’d like to separate in terms of infrastructure from the primary domain.

1. Login to your hosting plan cPanel – if you need help, you can check out this article on all the ways to access your cPanel.

2. Locate the Domains section, and there, click Domains.

3. On the Domains page, click the Create A New Domain button.

4. Here is the setup page. You can uncheck the option to Share document root in order to create and rename a specific directory for the added subdomain. This is usually desirable, as sharing the document root means it will have the same content as the primary domain and most users require independent and isolated websites. When ready click Submit.

Make sure the domain has been added before adding the subdomain.