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In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to install the WordPress Application on your Epik’s web hosting plan through the cPanel using Installatron.

In order to set up your website with WordPress, you’ll need an active Web Hosting Plan and a Domain Name (external or internal).

For this tutorial, we’ll also walk you through purchasing a hosting plan and setting up your Domain Name and Name Servers.

Purchasing an Epik Hosting Plan (and a Domain Name)

The first step to install WordPress is purchasing a Web Hosting Plan. Epik has 4 plans – Hero, Champion, Titan & Legend, each offering terrific value for the pricing, coupled with extreme flexibility and customization in billing cycles.

If you don’t have a domain name with Epik, take this time to choose one and add it to your cart together with the hosting plan.

If you do have a domain name on another registrar, and would like to transfer it to our services, see this article.

Should your external domain be on the 60-day transfer lock, you can still use it, by adding it to your dashboard as an External Domain. Learn how to add your domain as external in this article.

Setting Up Domain Name & Name Servers

When you’ve completed your purchase, a notification on the domain dashboard will appear, such as the following image.

Click Resolve Now, and select a domain to link to your hosting plan. After doing so, you’ll receive an email with your hosting details.

To make sure the domain name resolves to your hosting, we need to change the domain’s Name Servers.

On your domain dashboard, select the domain. On the black menu, go to DNS & Whois > Set Name Servers and change the default Name Servers to the ones provided on the email. Learn more about Name Servers and how to change them here.

Accessing cPanel

Back in your domain dashboard, click access the hosting section by clicking on the tab at the top menu. This will reveal the list of domains which have a hosting plan associated with it. Right next to each domain, you will see a orange “cPanel” button which you should click on to automatically bring you to your cPanel.

Installing WordPress

On the cPanel, scroll down and navigate to Installatron Applications Installer.

Inside Installatron, find WordPress on the Apps for Content Management section, and click it to deploy the installation wizard.

Click Install This Application.

Location – Choose https:// protocol to enjoy SSL, and define a Directory destination if you want to install your WordPress in a specific section of your website ( for example).

Below you have some options. You can choose the version you want to install (recommended option is the most appropriate) and the language. If you’re using our free Epik WordPress Blog and want to transfer the content, select the Epik WordPress option.

On Settings, you can pick your Administrator Login username, password, email as well as your Blog Name and Tagline, as well as other security options.

Click Install to begin the installation process.

Once it’s complete, you’ll see your installation on My Applications tab. If your domain is already pointed to our Name Servers, you may click to access your WordPress dashboard.

And WordPress is officially installed. This is what you should see on your /wp-admin/ page.

You may go ahead and login with your WordPress credentials, and start designing and working on your website!