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Parking your domain with a quality landing page is essential to market your domain to the world and ultimately sell more domain names. A professional lander that inspires trust is often the first thing your buyer may see regarding your domain name.

At Epik, we provide one of the most customizable landers in the industry, between Custom Text Content, Advanced SEO and the possibility of showing Custom Currencies, our landing pages are purpose-built to domain name conversions – all for free.

They integrate seamlessly with your Marketplace settings, allowing you to keep control of all the leads, look amazing and be optimized for organic lead generation.

Types of Parking

Epik offers two types of landing pages – the Premium Parking with SSL, and the Legacy Parking.

Epik Premium Parking

The Premium Parking, the most recent parking option, comes packed with a lot of customization options and features, and includes SSL Certificate for your domain page.

Epik (Legacy) Parking

Legacy Parking is the original experience of Epik Parking, and provides category-themed templates as well as additional custom settings. Unlike Premium Parking, it does not include SSL.

Parking your domain with Premium Parking

To make full use of the Premium Parking, we recommend you place your domain for sale first. For parking to work, you must set the domain’s Name Servers to Epik’s.

Epik’s Default Name Servers: NS3.EPIK.COM & NS4.EPIK.COM.

1. Login to your account, and navigate to your Domain Dashboard.

2. Here, select your domain. On the options menu, or the top black navigation bar, click Park This Domain, under the Build tab/option.

3. A option overlay screen will appear where you can select which Parking Options. Click Epik Premium Parking.

4. In the beginning of the setup, you can choose the theme. Epik offers two themes currently. Choose the one you like best to proceed.

5. This gets us to the Parking Setup page. Here is where you’re able to define everything related to the domain. You can set the 2 taglines that our system allows (or one or none), as well as a wide array of images you can use. You may also upload your own.

6. Below on the Search Engine Optimization, you’re able to change the meta information of the page, as well as adding Google Analytics and even custom Javascript. Favicon and Webclip for Apple Devices can also be customized.

7. On Content & Media, you’re able to add comprehensive text, including links, images, video embedding, custom HTML and more. On Settings you can choose the default currency and language of the page, and save the profile with the options for easy set up.

8. Lastly, we have the ability to hide the default fields and services such as Support Chat Icon, Social Media Sharing and other widgets. You can click View Parked Page to preview how it will look. When ready click Save Changes to complete your set up.

If you changed your Name Servers recently, please allow up to 24 to 48 hours to see page load correctly. After the DNS has propagated and the SSL has been issued, you should see your newly created parked page.