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In this guide, we’ll learn how to manually renew your SSL certificate in Epik’s cPanel-based hosting. Our SSL Certificates are issued and renew automatically, but there may be some situations where that renewal fails, or never happens.

For the SSL to initially issue, the domain’s Name Servers must be set to your Epik Hosting, which you’ve received via email when the hosting is first purchased. When the SSL renewal comes up after being issued, should the domain not have our Name Servers, it’s essential that at least the domain and subdomains you need covered are pointing to our Shared Hosting IP address to process the SSL renewal.

To learn how to force the SSL on your website, see this article.

1. First, log in to your cPanel hosting – you learn how to access your cPanel in this article.

2. In your cPanel Dashboard, click SSL/TLS Status under Security.

3. Here, select the domains which are not secured (with a red icon/notice), and click Run AutoSSL.

4. The AutoSSL will now run, it may take up to 10 minutes, depending on how many domains’ SSL are being renewed. The page will then refresh.

5. You should now see the SSL status with a green icon/notice with AutoSSL Domain Validated.