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This article will explain how to transfer your domain from your current registrar to

Some conditions must be met to transfer your domain, and they may differ depending on its extension, as some ccTLDs have different policies for transferring domains. For the purpose of this article, we’ll be describing the process for all gTLDs and ngTLDs (and most ccTLDs).

Preparing Your Domain For Transfer

Follow these general guidelines to prepare your domain for transfer. Please note that some registrars have different procedures, and you may have to contact them to proceed with the transfer.

Domain Registration 60 Day Lock

First, it’s essential that more than 60 days have passed since your domain registration date, and that it has been in the same registrar for more than 60 days as well. This assures your domain is eligible to exit the current registrar.

Per ICANN, domains that are less than 60 days old or have been transferred from another registrar within the last 60 days cannot be transferred out.

Unlocking the Domain Name

The next step is unlocking the domain with your registrar. This lock is usually called Registrar Lock, and in most registrars it’s assigned either a Lock Icon or a Locked/Unlocked Status.

Note: In some registrars, there may be additional approvals or conditions to be met. An example would be GoDaddy’s Ownership Protection having to be downgraded to Basic.

Obtaining The Authorization Code

Authorization Code, or AuthCode/EPP Code, is a code of text and numbers assigned for each domain, which works as a password to transfer domains between registrars. This Authorization Code is set and given to you by your current registrar, and then provided to your new registrar to process the domain transfers.

Note: Make sure to retrieve the authorization code last, as some registrar’s security measures reset the Authorization Code automatically when unlocking the domain name, or it can result in an invalid code.

Create an Account with Epik

You’ll of course need an account with Epik to transfer your domains to. Create an account at and complete your Domain Profile with your Whois/Registrant Information to be applied to the domain name.

Epik provides Domain Privacy for free for all eligible domains (some extensions such as .US don’t support privacy) and it’s automatically applied when the domain transfer completes.

Transferring The Domain To

Once you have everything you require and the domain is ready for transfer, it’s time to place the transfer!

1. Log in to your Account.

2. In your Dashboard, click Transfers, then Transfer Domain to Epik.

3. Here, you can input your domains one per line. If you’d like to set up specific information for WHOIS or DNS, you can create a Domain Profile, and automatically apply it here to all domain transfers when the domains reach Epik. We can define the Authorization Codes here for bulk transfers, or later in the checkout page.

4. Click Next Step when set.

Tip: For bulk domain transfers, you can set a spreadsheet with the domains in column A and the codes in column B, copy both, and paste it in here.

Epik offers free assistance in domain name portfolio transfers – contact for more information.

5. On this page, you’ll have an order summary of the costs, and a list of the domains and their AuthCodes, as well as the price per domain transfer.

6. In this first checkout page, you can define or correct the AuthCode for each domain. Click Accept All to accept the terms of service and Checkout to proceed to payment.

7. Complete the payment using your preferred payment method.

Your transfer will be placed and will take between 5 and 7 days to complete. Some registrars allow expediting/accepting the domain transfer, which is possible and will shorten the time taken to transfer to between 15 and 30 minutes.

Managing Your Transfer

In case you need to edit your current AuthCode, or for any reason cancel the domain transfer, you’re able to do this directly through the Epik Dashboard.

Log in to your Account, and in your Domain Dashboard, click Transfers, then Get Transfer Status.

Updating AuthCode and Retrying Transfer

In this page, you can check the domain transfer current status – if the authorization code failed, you’re able to set a new one, click enter, and then Retry Transfer in order to place the transfer again with the new code.

Cancelling a Domain Transfer

In case you wish to cancel a domain transfer, all you need to do is select the domain transfer. Click Actions to reveal the options’ menu, and click Cancel Transfer. You’ll be automatically refunded to Epik Store Credit.