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In this article, you’ll learn how to update your PHP version through MultiPHP Manager in cPanel.

Updating your PHP to the newest or most stable version is essential to keep your website secure and close vulnerabilities in the system. The PHP version governs the underlying language your website applications like WordPress or Joomla use to speak with the server and plugins – which, if left deprecated, can open severe gaps in the system’s security.

Given that application plugins depend on the PHP version, make sure you update them and use the recommended one by the developers to avoid disrupting your website’s functionality.

1. First, log in to your cPanel hosting – you learn how to access your cPanel in this article.

2. In your cPanel Dashboard, click MultiPHP Manager under Software.

3. Inside MultiPHP Manager options, select the domains you wish to update. In the PHP Version option to the right, select the dropdown to see the available PHP Versions available. Pick the appropriate one for your needs, and click Apply.

4. Your domain’s website will now be running in the desired PHP Version.