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Masterbucks is an online payment dashboard designed specifically for domain investors to control how the proceeds from future domain sales are distributed. The major convenience compared to other competitive marketplaces, is that instead of a customer designating payouts to a single payment method, they would have the option to split distributions across multiple verified payment methods that they may have held on file.

Masterbucks may also be used for registrations, renewals, transfers, hosting services, or Marketplace/NameLiquidate purchases.

How can I use Masterbucks?

Masterbucks can be used to pay for new Domain Registrations, Renewals, Transfers, or even purchases from our Marketplace, Escrow or NameLiquidate. Upon checkout on any of these operations, the Masterbucks option will be prompted.

You can also choose to withdraw these funds to the following methods:

  • ACH;
  • Wire Transfer/SEPA;
  • Cryptocurrency (we currently support BTC, ETH and LTC);
  • PayPal

Note: Due to reasons beyond our control, Epik is unable to process payouts to Payoneer’s bank accounts through ACH or Wire Transfer/SEPA.

How can I withdraw funds from Masterbucks?

To withdraw funds from Masterbucks, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into;
  2. Right under “Operations” there should be a Withdraw button which you need to click;

3. A popup will appear asking you which method you’d like to withdraw your funds to, simply choose your most convenient payout method and click the Continue button;

4. Fill in the details according to the payment method you chose (e.g. Wire Transfer account details) as seen on the image below. You’re also given the option to create a template based off the details you enter, so you don’t have to fill them in every time you’re requesting a withdraw;

5. Your payout will then be sent for review, so it can be processed.

What are the withdrawal fees?

We do not charge any withdrawal fee unless we are charged one. Depending on the payout method that you choose, Epik might be charged a fee to send your money, so you might end up receiving less than what you requested to be paid out.

  • ACH – For domestic payouts (within the USA) there is usually no fee applied. For overseas, there’s a fee which typically does not exceed $35.
  • Wire Transfer/SEPA – We process Wire Transfers via Transferwise, and they charge a fee that typically does not exceed $50.
  • Cryptocurrency – No major fee other than blockchain fees itself, which typically does not exceed $10. Do note that Epik does not control blockchain fees, and they may be higher or lower.
  • PayPal – The withdrawal fee is $4.99 unless PayPal indicates otherwise.

How long does it take to receive my money?

Withdrawals are processed from Monday to Friday on a first come, first served model. They typically take no longer than 48 hours.

We actively conduct solid fraud checks in order to mitigate possible fraud attempts – which is what usually takes more time to process the withdrawals. Verifying your account does help us a lot in doing those fraud checks and thus expediting your payout.

How do I know the status of my withdrawal request?

Simply log into Masterbucks and there should be a filter option which allows you to filter by Withdrawal operations.

The list of possible status can be:

  • Pending – Your payout is being reviewed.
  • Accepted – Your payout has been reviewed and passed the fraud inspection.
  • Success – Your payout has been sent.
  • Refused – Your payout has been reviewed and hasn’t passed the fraud inspection. Contact support for more details.

How can I cancel my withdrawal request?

To cancel a withdrawal request, simply log into Masterbucks, and click on Withdrawals tab, then click on the 3 dots right next to the respective withdrawal, and an orange Cancel button will show up:

Please be aware that withdrawals can only be cancelled if they are in the Pending status. If a Withdrawal has already been processed, we are unable to cancel it.

How can I add funds to my Masterbucks?

To top up your Masterbucks account, once logged in, you simply need to click the Add Funds button, as shown below:

A popup will then appear, and you need to follow the on-screen instructions.

Currently, we support the following payment method(s):

  • Bitcoin