Epik cPanel or Email Not Accessible? IP Blocks & How To Deal With Them

Epik offers shared hosting, which is a type of hosting service where our customers share the same server with one another. In order to keep the server secure and without downtime, we apply a set of security protocols, which may result in IP's being blocked from accessing our systems.

How to know if my IP is blocked?

There are a few key indicators your IP has been blocked from accessing our system – your browser will time out when accessing cPanel, Webmail, or when you try to reach the hosting server in other manners, such as via an email client (Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.). You may also be unable to receive or send email while connected to your network.

How do I make sure it’s an IP Block?

It’s important to make sure the problem is specific to our hosting only – make sure you can access all other websites normally, and try accessing cPanel or your email through a different network (or VPN) to make sure it’s happening on one specific network.

What triggers an IP Block?

Currently, our Firewall will block IPs that have violated the following protocols:

  • Failed IMAP/POP3 and SMTP logins (10 failed logins/hour).
  • Failed Webmail Logins (10 failed logins/hour).
  • Failed cPanel Logins (10 failed logins/hour).
  • Bounced Back emails (5 bounce backs/hour = 1-hour block).
  • Failed SSH/FTP/SFTP accesses (10 failed logins/hour).
  • Exceeded limit of FTP Connections (more than 2 concurrent connections).
  • Exceeded limit on Sent Emails per hour (depends on hosting plan = 1-hour block).

Except in the case of the bounce back and sent email violations, all blocks are permanent.

Can I request to unblock my IP?

Of course. Sometimes email configuration issues happen, and Epik is always available to review and unblock your IP if needed. To do so, please contact via chat or via email to support@epik.com with your Epik Account PIN #, Registered Email, Domain/Email and the affected IP Address.

You may find your IPv4 here: https://whatismyipaddress.com

How do I make sure my IP doesn’t get blocked?

The vast majority of IP blocks are caused by wrong email or DNS configuration and/or by logging in to cPanel with the wrong credentials. Please review our cPanel Access, DNS and Email Setup guides to make sure you’re inputting the correct information.

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