Accessing cPanel

cPanel is the administration tool that Epik uses for our Shared Hosting plans. It allows our customers to easily manage hosting plans.

To access the cPanel of your Hosting plan, there are 2 ways:

Method 1 – Dashboard Auto-Login

You can automatically log in to your cPanel through the Epik Dashboard, without having to enter any credentials at all. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Access your account;

2. Look for the Domain Portfolio page;

3. Hover your mouse over the small blue cylinder( hostingcpicon) right next to the domain name:

Step2-Hover over the small icon next to the domain name

4. Click on Enter Console button;

Step3-Click on Enter Console

5. This button will bring you to the cPanel account tied to your Hosting Plan without requiring any username or password to be entered:

Hosting control panel (cPanel)

Method 2 – Direct cPanel Access

If you don’t want to login to your Epik Account to access cPanel, you can directly access it by accessing (replace with your domain).

Step1-Go to

1. When you signed up for the hosting plan, you should have received an email with the credentials of your cPanel. You need to enter those credentials into the username & password field, respectively.

Step2-Enter Hosting Login credentials

2. Click on the Log In button;

Step3-Click on Log in

3. Done! You’re inside the cPanel.

Hosting Control panel (cPanel)

Reset cPanel Password

If you do not know your cPanel Credentials, please contact Customer Support Team through our available channels: Chat, Email and Phone.

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