Add Extra Domains To Your Hosting Package

Every Shared Hosting plan comes with the possibility of adding Addon Domains so that you can host more than one domain within the same hosting plan.

To tie extra domains with your already existing hosting package, please follow these steps:

1. Access your domain’s cPanel;

2. Once you’re inside the cPanel, look for the option named Addon Domains:

3. Fill the additional domain name and make any changes to the subdomain and document root fields if necessary. Document Root is the directory where you will want to upload the files related to the addon domain you’re adding, in this case,


  • If you do not know to access your cPanel, have a look at this article: Accessing cPanel
  • The number of Addon Domains you can add depends on your hosting package;
  • Addon Domains are managed through the Primary Domain’s cPanel;
  • Addon Domain’s nameservers need to be the same one’s as Primary Domain’s Nameservers. Typically, those are HOSTX.EPIK.COM & HOSTY.EPIK.COM (where X and Y are replaced by numbers).

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