How to Add Google Analytics in Bulk to Premium SSL Landing Pages

This help guide will show you how to add Analytics tracking to your Epik SSL landing pages

Step 1:

To setup Google Analytics, Open the url Google Analytics page

Click on Set Up for Free button

Step 2:

Scroll down and you will see “What do you want to measure?” section

Select WEB and click on Continue button

Property setup

Now user will be navigated to Property setup section. Please fill the fields as below –

Enter any name in ‘Website name‘ lets say “My Website

Under ‘Website URL‘ field , enter the url for which you want to create tracking code lets say “”

Under ‘Industry company‘ field, select your desired category from the list , other select as ‘Other

Under Reporting time zone field, select your time zone let’s say “India”

Step 3:

After entering all the fields, Click on Create button

You can find Google Analytics Tracking ID, and gtag.js script as shown below-

Step 4:

Copy and paste your Tracking ID and apply it to your SSL landers (or) you need to copy gtag.js code script if you want to apply it for Epik custom marketplace portal.

Current Tracking ID :UA-177286430-1

Step 5:

Go to your Epik dashboard, Select the names you would like to set analytics to (You can do it in bulk by selecting all the names)

Select the names you would like to set analytics to

Step 6:

Go to Build > Park this domain

Go to Build > Park this domain

Step 7:

Select Epik Premium Parking

Select Epik Premium Parking

Choose a template (or skip if already done)

Step 9:

In the Google Analytics box, copy and paste your Tracking ID

Copy paste your tracking ID

You can use the same Tracking ID for all your domains and Save it.

Step 10:

Access your analytics reports

(First data will be available after a few hours and after receiving some traffic on your landers)

Go to Customization > Custom report

Go to Customization > Custom report

Create a new custom report and there you can add the Metrics you want.

In Dimension Drilldowns, Add Hostname, This will let you see data for each of your names individually (You can add other dimensions after this one)

Add Hostname

Click on Save button

You now can access your Parked domains analytics, for each name, from the report you created!

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