Buying and Selling domain names using the Sedo MLS

What is SEDO MLS Premium

SEDO MLS Premium is a feature offered by SEDO which enables listing of seller domains not only on the Sedo Marketplace, but also on other marketplaces and websites that are networked with SEDO. It also enables seamless transfer of domains from seller to buyer when a sale is made via Sedo or any platform / website on the SEDO MLS network.

How to List domains on SEDO.

The following steps outline the process of listing the domains on Sedo and enabling / activating SEDO MLS Premium.

Step 1

Login to your account

Step-1-Login to account

Step 2

Click on Add Domains

Click on Add Domains

Step 3

Add / enter the domain names.

Option 1

Enter the domain names in the box (Enter up to 200 domain names)

Enter the domain names in the box

Option 2

Click on Go to our upload page (You can add more than 200 domain names using this option)

Click on Go to our upload page

Download the Excel file.

Download the excel file

Read the instructions on this page to enter multiple domains and settings in the downloaded excel file and send the file to SEDO :

Step 4

Check to Accept the Term and Conditions (You can click on the links to view the Agreements)

Check to Accept the Term and Conditions

Step 5

Click on Go to Step 2

Click on Go to Step 2

Step 6

Set Buy Now Price

You can choose the wizard that pops up, or click on the No Thanks link to do it manually.

Choose Wizard or Enter manually

We will choose manual for the purposes of this tutorial. Next:

  • Enter the price
  • Choose the Currency
  • Choose Buy Now
  • Choose Domain

Set Buy Now Price

Step 7

Click on Go to Step 3
(You can go to the previous step if you want by clicking on the Go back to Step 1)

Go to Step 3

Step 8

Activate SedoMLS Premium

Choose from the Registrar dropdown

Ensure that Activate SedoMLS Premium is set to Yes

Accept the Terms of Use by checking the checkbox

Click on Finish Adding Domains

Activate SedoMLS Premium

Step 9

SedoMLS Premium verification

Click Continue on the SedoMLS Premium Activation Status Dialog box that pops up

We will send you an email asking you to verify / authorize the SedoMLS Activation. Please follow the instructions in that email to approve. Please ensure to check your spam / junk mail folders also as it may land there.

Authorize SedoMLS Activation

Authorize SedoMLS Activation2

You will also need to verify your domain ownership by following the instructions on the page or in the email sent by Sedo to you.

Verify Domain Ownership

Once you have authorized the SedoMLS Premium and verified domain ownership, your domain(s) will be active in your SEDO My Domains section.

Active domains in Sedo

If you have any other queries / question you can reachout to our support via chat, email and phone. We are available 24×7.

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