Create and Manage Email Accounts

In this article we’ll go over on how to create your email accounts on Epik’s hosting.

Step 1 – Accessing the cPanel

Let’s head to your Domain Dashboard. Next to your hosted domain, look for a blue cylinder, and hover over it to reveal your hosting plan. Click Manage cPanel under Enter Console to access the cPanel.

Step 2 – cPanel’s Email Dashboard

Now that we’ve reached the cPanel, let’s navigate to Email Accounts.

Step 3 – Email Accounts Dashboard

In this dashboard is where all your created email accounts will be kept for management. Once there, let’s click + Create to begin creating your email account.

Step 4 – Choose Information and Create Account

Here you can define every detail of your account. Start by choosing which domain to create it for, the username, set or generate a password, storage space and folders. When done, click + Create to finish.

Once you have the account, you can configure to any email client of your choice.

If you need help doing that, check out this guide on How to Set Up your Email Address:

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