Epik Domain Management API

The Epik API allows you to utilize our systems programatically. The API allows you to manage your Account, Domains (Register, Renew, Transfer, WHOIS, DNS, etc.), Marketplace / NameLiquidate / Escrow listings.

Accessing through API

Currently our API has 2 required steps for a successful authentication: Valid SignatureIP Whitelisting. Follow the steps below to retrieve access to it.

1. Login to your Epik.com account;

2. Access the API Settings page;

3. Click on Add IP Address to allow the IP Address that you’re planning to send requests from:

4. Add the IP Address and click Save Changes:

5. The signature will now be shown at the top of the page. You can also manage the authorized IP Addresses.

6. Read the documentation and test your requests here.


  • API is not suitable for drop-catch operations – look for Backorders instead;
  • Rate Limits:
    • Check / Bulk Methods: 150 per minute;
    • Set / Create Methods: 30 per minute.

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