Epik WebSite Builder Help guide

Epik Website Builder FAQs

What is an Epik
Website builder?

Epik Website builders are the tools that allow the development of websites without writing manual code. In other words, a website builder is a program, or tool, that helps you to build a world-class website.

Key Epik website builder features:
  • Website Import functionality (Website importing from different website builders like Wix, Weebly, Tilda, Duda, WordPress, etc.
  • E-commerce features like
    • Smart shopping cart
    • One-click Purchasing
    • Dynamic unlimited attributes
    • Customizable Filters
    • Wide Range of Payment options
    • Customizable view
  • Hundreds of Website Templates to choose from
  • Easy to use Website Builder, Simple Drag and Drop feature
  • Multi-Language support (more than 50 languages support)
  • Multiple plugin support
  • Responsive Web-Design support.
  • Legendary 24 by 7 support.
Website Import (FAQs):
  1. Getting a message “Ask the administrator to enable this feature” when using the Website import option?

    Please contact your Hosting Provider to activate the website import function for you!

  2. How much does the website import cost?

    It costs nothing. The website Site builder is having a 7-day trial and other affordable business plans like Basic, Pro, and Business plans

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