How To Add External Domains To Epik & Setup For Sale in Marketplace?

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Navigate to Domains on the black menu and click Add Domain(s).
  3. Enter the list of domain name(s) you wish to add (one per line) in the given text field in Manage your Domains with Epik and click Submit.
  4. Now that the domains were added, click on View Domain Portfolio which will bring you back to your domain dashboard.
  5. Select the domain, open the menu and click Place The Domain For Sale, Or Setup A Rental Or Purchase Plan on the Marketplace Tab.
  6. On the first page you may choose the Buy Now Price and if you’ll consider offers, as well as the minimum offer amount you’ll be able to receive. When you’ve decided on a price, click Next.Rental and Purchase Plans are only available for registered domains. You can find how to set up one for an Epik registered domain here:
  7. On the second page, you’ll be able to choose Marketing Content, which type of Layout you’ll have on the landing page, and if the domain will be parked or not. Note that the parking will only be applied to internal domains, so you’ll need to change your domains Name Servers to NS3.EPIK.COM and NS4.EPIK.COM to enjoy the parking landing page. Click Submit Domains to proceed.
  8. And you’ve finished the setup. Click Done to complete the Marketplace Listing wizard.

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