How to create Blog & Delete blog for Epik domain name.

  1. Login to & go to ‘Domain Portfolio‘ page –
  2. From domain Portfolio page, select the Epik domain from menu for which you want to create a blog. Please refer below screenshotmain
  3. Now go to ‘Build‘ & click on ‘Create Blog‘ link as shown in below screenshot
  4. Once ‘Create Blog‘ is clicked, your blog creation process starts with message ‘Blog in Progress‘ as shown below.2
  5. Once blog process completes, you will see following ‘Thank you‘ message saying ‘Your Blog is Ready3
  6. Please note that you can start accessing your blog after 10 minutes of creation. You can access your site to see your blog.
  7. If you want to edit your blog, you can access https://<domainname>.com/wp-admin (<domainname> means your actual domain for which you have created blog).  You will receive WP-admin credentials for your blog to your configured email as soon as you access that site.final2
  8. To open your newly created blog,  Access your domain name i..e. https://<domainname>.com, Please refer screenshot below.final4
  9. To cancel or Delete created blog for domain  ame, Go to Domain Portfolio page -> Domain name, click on the ‘Blog‘ icon under ‘Dev‘ column and then Mouse hover to ‘Enter Console‘ button & click on ‘Cancel Servicecancel-blog
  10. The Confirmation popup is being displayed with Ok/Cancel buttons, click on Ok button to delete or cancel the blog. confirmation


    1. Sumeet Jain


      Please try to access the blog after 10 minutes of creation of blog and let me know if still not working. Generally will not be accessible immediately after creation, wait for 10 minutes to get it created. If you still facing the issue, please contact our Support team through Online chat or Phone for quicker resolution.

      Epik Support Team

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