How to Create or add Tags for Epik domains and use them for filtering domain names?

Step 1: Login to & go to

Step 2: Under ‘Registrar’ tab -> Domains column, select domain & click on menu icon and go to ‘Organize‘ -> Click ‘Tags‘ as shown below –

Step 3:

After clicking on Tags, Notice that ‘Manage Tags‘ window is opened with options to Create New Tag,  Add Tag, Remove Tag and Delete Tag options

Step 4:

To Create New Tag, Enter new tag name under the field ‘Create new tag and assign to selected domains‘ and click on ‘Create Tag‘ button. It will add New tag.

Step 5:

To Remove assigned tag to particular domains, you can select ‘Remove‘ radio button and click on ‘Apply‘ Button as shown below. It will remove all the domains added to that particular tag –

Step 6: To re-add the removed domains from tag, you can select the option “+Add” radio button and click on ‘Apply‘ button

Step 7: If you want to delete the Tag permanently then select ‘Delete Tag’ option, it will delete tag permanently i.e. you can’t use Add/Remove domains to this tag.

Step 8: Now we can filter our domains using Tags as shown in below screenshot –

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