How to Enable and Disable DNSSEC for domains at

What is DNSSEC?

DNSSEC is nothing but Domain Name System Security which strengthens authentication in DNS using digital signatures based on public-key cryptography. With DNSSEC, it’s not DNS queries and responses themselves that are cryptographically signed, but rather DNS data itself is signed by the owner of the data.

How to enable DNSSEC for domains at Epik?

Epik provides DNSSEC security for all domains and it is Enabled by default. The only prerequisite is domains should be using Epik NameServers i.e. and


Login to and go to the domain portfolio -> Registrar page where the user can manage all domains.

Step 2:

Under the “Registrar” tab, click on the menu icon of any specific domain and Go to “DNS & WHOIS” -> SET NAME SERVERS.

Step 3:

Ensure NameServers are set to “NS3.EPIK.COM” & “NS4.EPIK.COM” and save it.


Now click on the “DNSSEC” menu tab as shown below

Step 5:

Notice that the option “Enable DNSSEC” is checked which means DNSSEC is already enabled for the specific domain.


If you want to disable the DNSSEC for your domain, uncheck the option “Enable DNSSEC”  and click on “Save” button as shown in the below screenshot.


Note: In case if you don’t want the DNSSEC option enabled before your transfer the domain to another registrar, make sure you disable the option before transferring the domain.

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