How to use ‘CSV Export’ option at Epik to export all domains in to .CSV file?

  1. Login to Epik .com and go to Domain Portfolio page – page
  2. Notice that at the bottom of domains, there is a option called “CSV Export” option available under ‘Register‘ tab as shown below –
  3. Click on ‘CSV export‘ option, notice that the Export domains prompt will be displayed with column selection option. User can select All columns/Desired columns which they want to export in to .CSV file.
  4. Once desired columns are selected, click on ‘Export Domain List’ button. User is prompted with save dialog to select the desired location to save the .CSV file generated.
  5. Select any folder location and click on ‘Save‘ button, it will save the exported .CSV file with all domain details.
  6. Now user can open the generated .CSV file and manage the domains externally.

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