How to add ‘External domains ’ to Epik & setup for sale in Marketplace?

  1. Sign in to user account.
  2. Go to Domains -> click ‘Add Domain(s)’ option.adddom2
  3. Enter the list of domain name(s) you wish to add in the given text field in ‘Manage your Domains with Epik’ page as shown in below screenshot & click on ‘Submit’ button.adddom3
  4. Notice that domains were successfully added as shown in below screenshot. Click on ‘View Domain Portfolio’ button & observed that domain names are listed –adddom41adddom42
  5. Now we can setup the ‘Marketplace settings’ by navigating to “MARKETPLACE” -> ‘Place the domain for sale..’ and select ‘Make offer’/‘leasing’/‘Renting’ options for newly added domains and click on ‘Submit’ button as shown below.adddom51 adddom52 adddom53

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