How To Manage Your Domain Names

Step 1

Login to your account and go to Domains / Manage My Domains


Step 2

Select the Domain Name(s) you want to Manage.


Step 3

Click on the icon01 icon. This will display the side menu from which you can select the option / setting you want to update / modify. You can also select the options from the menu at the top.


From The Side Menu / Top Menu You Can:

Manage DNS & WHOIS

  1. Set WHOIS Info
    Setup your contact information for the domain
  2. Set Name Servers
    Setup your DNS (domain name servers) so others can find your domain
  3. Set DNS Host Records
    Set up your host, including your A records, MX records, and CNAMES
  4. Setup Cloud Services
    Setup and validate Google Apps, Office 365, and other cloud services.

Manage Domain Forwarding

  1. Setup your contact information for the domain
  2. Setup Domain Forwarding
    Forward visitors to your domain to another location
  3. Setup Email Forwarding
    Set up email forwarding between your new domain and your preexisting email account

Manage Domain Transfers

  1. Transfer Domain To Different Registrar
    Walks you through the process of transferring your domain to another registrar
  2. Transfer Domain to Epik
    Transfer your domain into Epik to ensure to highest degree of management control over your domain
  3. Push Domain to Another Person
    Transfer ownership of your domain to another Epik user
  4. Lock Domain
    Locks your domain to help prevent accidental or malicious transfers

Manage Domain Renewals

  1. Renew
    Renew your domain name registration
  2. Redeem
    Regain ownership of your expired domain
  3. Set Renewal Rule
    Set whether you wish to manually or automatically renew your domain, or not renew it at all when it expires

Manage Organization

  1. Edit Comments
    Make changes to the comment you attached to your domain name
  2. Categories
    Set one or more categories to your domain so that you can help organize your portfolio
  3. Remove
    Remove your external domain from your Epik portfolio

Manage Reports

  1. View Invoice
    View all invoices related to this domain
  2. Show Site Statistics
    Display the usage statistics for number of visitors, etc. for this domain

Manage Domain Development

  1. Order Hosting Package
    Select the hosting platform you want so that you can build your own web site using a wide array of web apps such as Worpdress, Joomla, etc.
  2. Order Vertical Solution
    Select the development platform or solution you wish to use to build out your domain name into a functioning web site
  3. Park This Domain
    Park your domain name on our fully automated system designed to rejuvenate domain parking. Start earning the highest revenue today.
  4. Order Article
    Order one or more high quality, custom articles to help drive improved SEO
  5. Create Blog
    Create a simple WordPress blog for free.

Manage Domain Development

  1. Place Domain Up for Sale and/or Lease
    This option allows you to put your domain up for sale, lease, or both, as well as to specify the required price.
  2. Request Loan
    Request a loan, payable in Epik Credits, collateralized by the selected domains.

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