How to submit Epik domains to auction platform?

Step 1

Login to account and go to Domain Portfolio page where you can see your list of domains.

Step 2

Select any of the internal domain name and go to ‘Marketplace‘ menu and click on ‘Liquidate‘ option as shown below –

Step 3

After clicking on ‘Liquidate‘ link, user will be prompted with pop up where user need to enter reserve price in ‘Reserve price’ field and click on ‘Send‘ Button’ as shown in below screenshot –

Please note that this Reverse¬†auction will count backwards over 168 hours from $998 and then stop once it reaches the ‘reserve price’ you have set.

Step 4

Once user click on ‘send‘ button after entering desired reserve price,¬† the domain name will be successfully submitted to Name Liquidate auction with below popup message –

Step 5

Now to check your submission, Go to page, search for your domain you just submitted. Notice that you will find your domain available in auction as show below –

For any other questions, you can refer our FAQ section – (or) you can contact Epik support team for any other questions.




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