How to submit domains to a Epik Private auction?

Epik offers a platform where our customers can submit their domains (registered with Epik or with another registrar) for a private auction. Domains that are listed on this platform are not visible anywhere within Epik’s Website nor offered for sale, and instead – only parties who were given access to said auction will be able to have the opportunity to bid on these domains. In order for you to have access to these auctions and actually bid on them, the owner of the domains running on a live auction needs to share the auction link with you.

Step 1

Login to and go to the Domain portfolio page where the you can see the list of your registered domains.

Step 2

Select the domain which you want to create an Epik Private Auction on and go to the Auctions Menu -> Select “Place the domain on Private auction” option as shown below:

Step 3

You will now be prompted with an Epik Private Auction window asking you to fill all the required fields: Domain name, Reserve Price, Start date, Auction duration, and Description as shown below.

Step 4

After entering all the fields requested on the previous step, you want to click on the “Submit Auction” button to submit your domain to auction.

Please note that you can select the Auction Duration ranging from 1Hr, 2Hr, 3Hr, 4Hr, 5Hr, 1 day, 2 days, (…) up to 7 days.

Ensure that the data is processed successfully.

Step 5

Once the domain is submitted, you should see a “Thank you” page with details like View Private Auction Link, Domain details, Auction duration, etc.

Furthermore, you are also given the ability to share the Auction URL link through Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin using respective social media icons as shown on the screen below:


Click on the “View Private Auction” link in the above screen that takes you to the Epik short auction link (like which you can share with the interested parties to participate in the Private auction.

When listing your domains for private auction(s), you will also receive a confirmation email with your Private Auction link and other auction details as shown below:

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