How to submit Non-Epik domains (External domains) to domain auction platform?

What is platform? is a fast paced marketplace for domain liquidity by placing your domains in a reverse auction for 168 hours.

Your domain may sell to someone willing to pay between $998 and $9 per domain. By submitting domains to, you understand that your domains will require fast transfer approval upon request.

This platform is free to submission for any number of domains for free and only charges 9% commission up on successful sale.

Step 1

Go to site and click on ‘SIGN IN‘ button to go to secure FederatedIdentity Single Signon page. Enter valid credentials and login to NameLiquidate successfully.

Step 2

Once login, Click on ‘Submit Domains‘ button available at top of the page. User is navigated to add domains page as shown below

Step 3

In Add domains page, Enter the list of domain names you want to liquidate followed by Authcode and Reserve price (each separated by space).

Please note that you can enter one domain name per line.

Step 4

After entering domain names which you want to liquidate, select the check box ‘Agree all‘ which means you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions listed above and then click on ‘Liquidate domains‘ button.

Step 5

After clicking on ‘Liquidate domains‘ button, Domain will be successfully added to auction and user will get successful message as shown in below screenshot –

Also user receives Name submission successful email message to his inbox for the same as shown in below screenshots.

Step 6

To check your domain added live to platform, Go to page and search for the domain you have submitted and notice that you will find your domain listed in auction –

If you any additional questions, kindly check our FAQ section at or if you any additional support on other issues, you can always contact our Epik Support team.

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