How to transfer .UK and .CO.UK domains to Epik?


Unlike other typical TLD’s, the TLD’s .UK and CO.UK do not support auth codes. Instead, the management is assigned to reach registrar via IPS TAG’s.

What is a IPS Tag?

IPS TAG is a way of Nominet (the non-profit registry who manages these TLD’s) assigning management of certain domains to certain registrars.

Epik’s IPS-TAG is 1API-DE. If you want to move your domain name to another provider you would need to change the IPS TAG to the one of your new provider.


Step 1.

Reach out to your current registrar and ask them to update the IPS-TAG of the domain(s) you wish to transfer into Epik to 1API-DE (Epik’s IPS Tag).

Step 2.

Add your .UK / .CO.UK domain on Epik domain panel as shown in the screenshot below:

Step 3.

Once the domain has been added to your portfolio, head over to the My Domains page, search the .UK / .CO.UK domain and click on Transfer In button as shown below:

Step 4.

As you can see – both these TLD’s are free to transfer – but do note that they won’t be renewed upon transfer. To proceed, hit “Continue”.

Step 5.

Agree to the terms and finally, click “Check out”.

Step 6.

Check your Transfer Status page, and confirm that the transfer is pending. If it is, and the IPS Tag of the domain is properly set – the domain will be under Epik’s management within 15 minutes.

If the transfer remains pending for longer than a day – it means there has been an issue with the transfer and you should reach out to Epik’s Customer Support so we can assist.

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