How To Upgrade, Renew or Cancel Your Epik Hosting Plans

In this tutorial, we’ll go through on how to upgrade, renew, or cancel your hosting plans directly from Epik’s Dashboard.

  1. Head over to your Domain Dashboard.
  2. Next to our hosted domain, hover over the blue cylinder.
  3. This will reveal your current plan.
    3.1. To Upgrade, hover over Enter Console, and click Change Service Plan.

    You’ll be prompted a window where you can choose the desired plan. After, just click Apply.
    Note: When upgrading, Epik will always charge you the difference between plans (or refund to Store Credit, if applicable).
    3.2. To Renew, hover over Enter Console, and click Renew Now.
    You’ll be taken to checkout, where you can choose in which billing cycle you’ll be renewing.

    3.2. To Cancel, hover over Enter Console, and click Cancel Service.